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San Juan
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Carmichael, CA 95608
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Carmichael » Resources » 3rd Grade

  Carmichael Elementary SchoolWebsites for 3rd Students

                          Do the right thing even when an adult isn't looking . . .

Elementary Games By Subjects Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
San Juan Curriculum Resources All areas of the Curriculum

American Heroes
1. America's Heroes Image and Text

2. American's Stories Inventors, Politicians, Performers, Activists and Other Everyday People

1. Yellowstone Park's Just for Kids The Antler/Horn Match Games, Scavenger Hunt, Animal ABC's
2. Windows Into Wonderland

Teacher Review Required: Electronic Field Trips and Ask the Experts


1. Authors & Illustrators On The Web Links

2. Index To Internet Sites: Children's and Young Adults' Authors & Illustrators Links


1. Geography Games, Quizzes and Trivia Teacher Review Required: Online Games
2. National Geographic Teacher Review Required
3. National Geographic Kids
Games, News, Stories, Animals, Pictures, and More

4. Online Geography Games
5. Test Your Geography Knowledge
With a Click Match the Question to the Location
1. Dole 5 A Day - Nutrition Education for Kids, Teachers and Parents

Language Arts
1. Fun Brain Teacher Review Required: Words
2. Game of Goo Learning that Sticks Language Kids Games

3. Phil Tulga Comprehension Activities That Are Interactive, Homemade Instruments Activities
4. Power Proofreading Click on Your Grade Level to Proofread Passages for Errors
5. Phonics  Activities for Phonics Year 2, CVC Words, Consonant Clusters, Long vowel sounds, High Frequency Words

5. Wacky Web Tales

1. California Mathematics Scott Foremans Math Intervention - Onlineintervention.com - One Time Teacher Log-on and Set-up Required
2. Flashcards Addition, Subtractions, Multiplication, Division, Square Roots, Rounding, Analog Clock, Create a Set of Flashcards for Prints, and More

3. Fun Brain Teacher Review Required: Numbers
4. Math Number Sense and Operations, Data Analysis Probability, Discrete Math, Patterns, Algebra, and Functions, Geometry and Measurement, Structure and Logic
5. Project Interactivate Math Concept Activities

Math Facts
6. Ambleweb Subtraction Machine
Subtraction Practice 3 Levels
7. Automath Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
8. Blackboard Math Addition and Subtraction
9. Color It! Multiples

10. Explore Multiplication Table! Multiplication Activities
11. Green Forest BlackBoard Math Easy to Hard Math Fact Practice

12. Math Arithmetic Games Math Facts
13. Math Magic Timed Math Fact Practice for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
14. Mathflash! Random Level Practice for Math Facts

15. Math Skills Complete Multiplication Facts
16. Practice Addition Facts Practice Sheet On The Web
17. Step-By-Step Addition With and Without Regrouping

18. Step-By-Step Subtraction With and Without Regrouping
19. Spacey Math Basic Math Fact + and -
20. Speed Grid Challenge Addition in a Grid

Number Sense
21. Cats In Line Ordinal Numbers
22. Cookie Dough Spell Numbers and Write Digits

23. Fresh Baked Fractions - Fun Brain Equivalent Fraction to simplify

24. Give The Dog A Bone Finding Numbers on a Hundreds Chart
25. Guess the Number - Fun Brain Secret Number

26. Line Jumper Fun Brain - Addition With A Number Line
27. Space Hopscotch Count Forward and Backwards Using Different Addends

28. One False Move - Fun Brain Order Number Lowest to Highest or Highest to Lowest
29. Operation Order - Fun Brain Build equation with Numbers Given
30. Place Value Puzzler Choose Place Value or Round Numbers

31. Change Maker Making Correct Money Change
32. Money
Meet Money, Count, and Make Money Amounts

33. Room 108 Money Drills Practice Counting Money
34. St. Patrick's Pot O' Gold Game Money Used for Addition, Subtraction, Greater and Less Than


35. Bang On The Time Telling Time Practice
36. Clock Wise Tell What Time It Is

37. Telling Time Hours, Minutes, Quarter To, Quarter Past
Set the Clock Telling Time Game

39. Set the Clock Hours Only

40. Elapsed Time

39. Billy Bug and His Quest for Grub

Brain Teasers

40. Brain Teasers and Math Puzzles Interactive with Immediate Scoring as Well as Their Explanations
41. The Fruit Game Be the First to Remove All the Fruit

Other Sites

42. Harcourt Brace Math Glossary

43. Test Prep Practice Houghton Mifflin Chapter by Chapter Practice
44. Test Quest: Be a Better Test-Taker Houghton Mifflin Choose a Strategy

45. Math Printables Addition, Area & Perimeter, Counting & Number Pattern, Measurement, Money Multiplication, Time

The American West

1. America West Development and History
2. Art of Alaska and The Pacific Northwest Coast
Unique Native Indian Art

3. Kids Info Reference Resources: Pioneers/Westward Expansion

4. Kwakitutl Indians Lived Text and Art Work
5. Marilee's Native American Links


6. Native Alaskan Yupik Masks
7. Native Americans Nations Homepages
8. Native American - Internet Resources
9. Native American Art Smithsonian Institution: National Museum of the American Indian
10. Social Studies For Kids - The Westward Movement
11. Web Quest for Westward Expansion

12. Westward Movement

1. Enchanted Learning-- Olympics and much more
2. Olympic Winter 2002 Educational Site Teacher Review Required: Science, Social Studies, P.E., etc.

Olympic Official Site


1. Shawnee Public School Student Links

Space Sites

1. Astronomy For Kids Images and Bullet Text
2. Astronomy Web Guide Links
3. Amazing Space Teacher Review Required

4. Cassini-Huggens Mission to Saturn & Titan Images and Text Showing the Spacecraft's Adventure
5. Cassini Photographs Saturn's Moon Phoebe with Astonishing Results Images and Text Showing the Spacecraft's Adventure

6. Earth Teacher Review Required

7. For Kids Only Earth Science Nasa
8. Johnson Space Center

Teacher Review Required
9. Kid's Castle Smithsonian Magazine
10. Nasa Kids Teacher Review Required: Space and Beyond, Rockets and Airplanes, Projects and Games, Pioneers and Astronauts, Write Us

11. Nasa Space Place Games, Projects, animations, Cool Subjects, Amazing Facts
12. Nix Nasa Image eXchange
13. Pictures of Saturn And Its Satellites Images

14. Return To Flight For Kids Nasa Kids Home Page

15. Solar Trading Card Choose an Object, Name It, and Keep the Card
16. Space Kids Teacher Review Required: Space Science for Kids, Images of the Heavens

17. StarChild Click on Level 1 for Solar System, Universe, Space Stuff and Glossary
18. Galileo Journey to Jupiter Just Who is the Spacecraft Galileo? Images and Text Showing the Spacecraft's Adventure
19. Shawnee Public School Student Links
20. Space Links Astronomy Hoagies' Gifted Education Page

21. The Space Place Teacher Review Required: Award Winning Site, Student Friendly: Activities And Facts, Space Missions, Space Topics and Terms

22. Voyager Teacher Review Required

23. Mars Polar Lander Search for Water on Mar Images, Text, Facts
24. Welcome To The Planets Text and Images
25. Windows To The Universe
Text and Images

Totem Poles
1. Totem Poles and Native Sites Text
2. Totem Pole Text and Photograph
3. Totem Poles Royal British Museum, Images and Text

4. Virtual Reality Panoramas of Totem Poles Virtual Guided Trip

United State Coins
1. 10 Facts Coin Kids' Should Know Ten Questions Answered About Coins

2. 50 State Quarter Program Information and Release of Each Coin
3. Cents of Color Color All of the New Fifty and Gather Information About Each of the Coins
4. Coin Memory Machine Memory Game with U.S. Coins

5. Golden Dollar Puzzle Click and Drag Puzzle Piece to Create the New Gold One Dollar Coin
6. Puzzle Mint Click and Drag Puzzle Piece to Create a New Fifty Sate Coin
7. Time Machine Trip Through Time 1607 - 1972 People, Places and Events that honor coins

8. U.S. Mint Home page
9. U.S. Mint Lesson Plans that Help to
10. Teach Core Curriculum
Teacher Review Required: Social Studies and Mathematics Lesson Plans U.S. Mint Lesson Plans for h.i.p.. Pocket Change Lesson for History, Language Arts, Math or Science

Sites of Interest
1. America's Coastlines NOAA Photo Library
2. American Red Cross

3. Grolier Online Online Encyclopedia

Teacher Resources

*Teacher Review Required: There is so much information offered at these sited that teacher review is needed.

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