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Carmichael, CA 95608
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Carmichael » Resources » 4th Grade

4th Grade

Carmichael Elementary School Websites for 4th Studen
                 Do the right thing even when an adult isn't looking . . .


Elementary Games By Subjects Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
San Juan Curriculum Resources All areas of the Curriculum

Language Arts
1. Candlelight Stories Free Activities - Read Stories, Listen to a Podcast Novel, Publish Stories
2.Fun Brain
Teacher Review Required: Words
3. Game of Goo Learning that Sticks Language Kids Games
4. Phil Tulga Comprehension Activities That Are Interactive, Homemade Instruments Activities
5. Power Proofreading Click on Your Grade Level to Proofread Passages for Errors
6. Read With Braille Learn Braille Through Games
7. Wacky Web Tales Create Your Own Wacky Tale or Read Those Create by Others


1. California Mathematics Scott Foremans Math Intervention - Onlineintervention.com - One Time Teacher Log-on and Set-up Required
2. Flashcards Addition, Subtractions, Multiplication, Division, Square Roots, Rounding, Analog Clock, Create a Set of Flashcards for Prints, and More
3. Fun Brain
Teacher Review Required: Numbers
4. Interactive Fun Puzzles Solve the Puzzles
4. Math Number Sense and Operations, Data Analysis Probability, Discrete Math, Patterns, Algebra, and Functions, Geometry and Measurement, Structure and Logic
5. Math Maven's Mysteries Scholastic Online Math Activity
6. Project Interactivate Math Concept Activities

Math Facts
1. A+ Math Help to Improve Math Skills
4. Ambleweb Subtraction Machine
Subtraction Practice 3 Levels
5. Automath Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
6. Blackboard Math Addition and Subtraction
7. Color It! Multiples
8. Explore Multiplication Table! Multiplication Activities
9. Green Forest BlackBoard Math Easy to Hard Math Fact Practice
10. Math Arithmetic Games Math Facts
11. Math Magic Timed Math Fact Practice for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
12. Mathflash! Random Level Practice for Math Facts
13. Math Skills Complete Multiplication Facts
14. Practice Addition Facts Practice Sheet On The Web
15. Step-By-Step Addition With and Without Regrouping
16. Step-By-Step Subtraction With and Without Regrouping
17. Spacey Math Basic Math Fact + and -
18. Speed Grid Challenge Addition in a Grid

Number Sense
19. Cats In Line Ordinal Numbers
20. Cookie Dough Spell Numbers and Write Digits
21. Fresh Baked Fractions - Fun Brain Equivalent Fraction to simplify
22. Give The Dog A Bone Finding Numbers on a Hundreds Chart
23. Guess the Number - Fun Brain Secret Number

24. Line Jumper Fun Brain - Addition With A Number Line
25. Space Hopscotch Count Forward and Backwards Using Different Addends
26. One False Move - Fun Brain Order Number Lowest to Highest or Highest to Lowest
27. Operation Order - Fun Brain Build equation with Numbers Given
28. Place Value Puzzler Choose Place Value or Round Numbers

29. Change Maker Making Correct Money Change
30. Money
Meet Money, Count, and Make Money Amounts
31. Room 108 Money Drills
Practice Counting Money
32. St. Patrick's Pot O' Gold Game Money Used for Addition, Subtraction, Greater and Less Than

3. Bang On The Time Telling Time Practice

34. Clock Wise Tell What Time It Is
5. Telling Time
Hours, Minutes, Quarter To, Quarter Past
Set the Clock Telling Time Game
37. Set the Clock Hours Only
38. Elapsed Time

39. Billy Bug and His Quest for Grub

Brain Teasers
40. Brain Teasers and Math Puzzles Interactive with Immediate Scoring as Well as Their Explanations
41. The Fruit Game Be the First to Remove All the Fruit

Other Math Sites
42. Harcourt Brace Math Glossary
43. Test Prep Practice Houghton Mifflin Chapter by Chapter Practice
44. Test Quest: Be a Better Test-Taker Houghton Mifflin Choose a Strategy

45. Math Printables Addition, Area & Perimeter, Counting & Number Pattern, Measurement, Money Multiplication, Time

California Gold Rush
1. California Gold Rush Wikipedia Images, Text, and Links
2. California Gold Rush WebQuest

3. California's Untold Stories Gold Rush Oakland Museum of California
4. The California Gold Rush Kidport Reference Library

5. The Discovery of Gold The Virtual Museum of the City of San Francisco
6. The Gold Rush PBS
7. Way Back Gold Rush PBS Kids
8. Women in the Gold Rush Text and Links

9. California Gold Rush Stories  - Over 70 stories available (Nevada City Sponsored) new site 4/13/09
10. Gold Rush Series - Gold, Away of Life, The Peope, The legacy, Extras, and more (Sacramento Bee) new site 4/13/09

1. Olympic Winter 2002 Educational Site Teacher Review Required: Science, Social Studies, P.E., etc.
2. Olympic Official Site

People in History
1. American Inventors and Inventions Images and Text
2. America's Heroes Image and Text
3. American Archives Art, History, Library, Science, Natural History, War Links
4. American Presidents Life Portraits Links
5. America's Story Amazing Americans, Back in Time Explore the State, Etc.
6. Black History Month Links
7. Biographies Thirty-four Men and Women Biographies Images and Text
Boone, Daniel Text
Boone, Daniel Text, Images and Links
Bowie, James and The Alamo Text and Image
Bowie, James Text
Braille, Louis Text and Image
Braille, Louis Text
Braille, Louis Text and Links
Buffalo, Bill Text, Links and Images

Buffalo, Bill Stanford University Library's Collection of Dime Novels

8. Biography Search and Links for Biographies of Living Past and Present
9. Biograph-Center Links for Biographies of Living Past and Present
10. C
-Span American Writes A Journey Through History Links
11. Edison, Thomas Museum Image and Text
12. Go-Grolier Online Online Encyclopedia

10. Infoplease.com Almanacs, Atlas, Dictionary, Encyclopedia, and more
History Channel.com
James, Jesse Stanford University Library's Collection of Dime Novels
Keller, Helen Links

11. Library of Congress Presents America's Story Links
12. Lone Star Junction Texas History Resource Links
13. New Perspectives on The West Interactive Biographical Dictionary - PBS
14. The American West Links for Western History
15. Time Line From 1860 to 1920 Dime Novels

16. Yahooligans Search Engine

Physical Education
1. Games Kid Play
Playground Games


1. A Bouillabasisse of Fascinating Facts About Fish Text and Images
2. Adopt-A-Salmon Family U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, PDF files for Newspaper, Incubator Guide, Coloring Book
3. Atlantic Salmon Federation Fish Friends Program Text
4. City Rivers: Atlantic Salmon Re-introduction Project Images and Text

5. Fishing Techniques Images of Purse Seine, Trap, Pole and Line
6. National Estuarine Research Reserve System Images
7. Diseases of the Wild Atlantic Salmon Text
8. California Salmon Council Text
9. NOAA Fisheries Historical Information Time Line
10. The Salmon Story The Electronic Children's Book Lots of GREAT LINKS at the Bottom of the Page
11. The Atlantic Salmon Text
12. The Atlantic Salmon Interpretive Centre Images and Text
13. The Salmon Page Images, Live Cam, and Text
14. Welcome To The Salmon Pictures Site Images and Text
15. Where Do Salmon Go in the Ocean? Text North Pacific Salmon
16. Why Do Salmon Swim Upstream? Images and Life Cycle
17. Wild Atlantic Salmon a Wondrous Life Cycle Image, Click on Each Stage for Text

1. Electrical Safety Text

2. Brain Pop Tim and Moby Discuss Science, Social Studies, Math, Etc.

3. Edheads Simple Machine

4. How Stuff Works Links Learn How Stuff Works

United State Coins
1. 10 Facts Coin Kids' Should Know Ten Questions Answered About Coins
2. 50 State Quarter Program Information and Release of Each Coin
3. Cents of Color Color All of the New Fifty and Gather Information About Each of the Coins
4. Coin Memory Machine Memory Game with U.S. Coins
5. Golden Dollar Puzzle Click and Drag Puzzle Piece to Create the New Gold One Dollar Coin
6. Puzzle Mint Click and Drag Puzzle Piece to Create a New Fifty Sate Coin
7. Time Machine Trip Through Time 1607 - 1972 People, Places and Events that honor coins
8. U.S. Mint Home page
9. U.S. Mint Lesson Plans that Help to
10. Teach Core Curriculum
Teacher Review Required: Social Studies and Mathematics Lesson Plans U.S. Mint Lesson Plans for h.i.p.. Pocket Change Lesson for History, Language Arts, Math or Science


Other Links
1. Celebrating America's Freedoms U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
2. Do Just For Kids
Department of The Interior - Nation Park Service, US. Fish and Wildlife, Minerals Management, U.S. Geological Survey, Bureau of Land Management, Office of Surface Mining
3. Fact Monster World & News, U.S., People, Word Wise, Science, Math & Money, Sports, Cool Stuff, Homework Center and More
4. Grolier Online Online Encyclopedia

5. Justice for Kids & Youth Cyberethics for Kids FBI Youth, Inside the Courtroom, Civil Rights, ATF Kid's Page, 10 Most Wanted, Get It Straight (Drug Prevention)
6. NIEHS Kids' Page
National Institutes of Health department of Health & Human Services - Games and Activities, Story Time, Environmental Health Science Education, Hot Topics, Brainteaser, Jokes, cool Links, Resources,
TeacherLINK Fifty Link to Lesson Plans for a Variety of Celebrations
8. The Holiday Zone Links to Information and Activities
9. Web Sites for Fourth Grade Many Clickable Links

10. What Interests You? Exploring Career Information From the Bureau of Labor Statistics
11. Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia

Teacher Resources

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