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  • Ms. Berry's Homeroom Class Makes a Positive Impact

    This is Ms. Berry's Homeroom Class. Here is what they have been doing, "We've been talking about how to make a positive impact in our community. We've been sprinkling kindness throughout the school by writing positive messages on sticky notes and sneaking into classrooms after school and putting them on lockers. It's been received positively and some homerooms have continued to pass the kindness forward. We talked about our campus and our community and kids said that they'd noticed how messy things were. I asked if they'd be willing to help, or if they would be grossed out. They said they'd love to help. So I bought gloves and brought bags and instead of English class we went out during 4th period and picked up all of that garbage."

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  • ACMS Merit System

    In an effort to maintain a positive, productive learning environment for all students throughout the school year, Carnegie will be implementing a merit system. Because participation in school sponsored extracurricular activities is a privilege, students must put forth their best effort, on a daily basis, to adhere to Carnegie’s Core Expectation of OWN IT.

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Common Core logo Big changes are underway in your students’ classrooms: 46 states across the country have adopted key academic standards that will replace current California standards in English/language arts and math. 
The goal of the rigorous Common Core State Standards is to instill the 21st century, higher-thinking skills that prepare all students for college and their careers - as well as to succeed in a global economy and society.