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Laurel Ruff Center » Positive Behavior Support » Parent Education Information

Parent Education Information

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It’s 5:54pm when you finally drag yourself through your front door. It’s been an exhausting day at work. Your feet hurt, your head is pounding, and your stomach is growling, which reminds you of the dinner you still have to cook for your family. What you want to do now is sit down for ten minutes and enjoy the silence in your home but you quickly realize that there is no silence! You can hear your two older children screaming from down the hallway, something about the Gameboy or is it the Wii? Your oldest is shouting that it is his turn to play and over his voice comes the voice of your youngest, screaming back that she hasn’t played long enough. You listen as their voices move down the hallway; here they come! They will want you to solve the problem, just like always. Just like every night! But it won’t stop there; tonight there will be arguments over chores, homework, not wanting to eat the dinner you serve, and of course the baby won’t want to go to sleep at bedtime. You haven’t even set your briefcase down yet. Here come the kids, around the corner. You see them both pushing at each other, to see who can reach you first. You exhale – a very long slow breath; it’s going to be another long night…


Have you ever felt this way? Well maybe you haven’t felt so overwhelmed and maybe you don’t feel this way every night or maybe this is a regular evening for you. Hopefully this webpage will help you. It is devoted entirely to Parent Education. At some point in the academic school year, Laurel Ruff would like to provide several different parent-training classes. These classes have been designed to help you, the parent/caregiver, in several different areas. The description of two different classes are listed below.  The hope is that these two classes will be offered sometime after the holidays. Feel free to continue to check this website for updates on these classes as well as other parent education classes which might be offered at a later date. If you have suggestions or questions feel free to contact me at heidi.hostetler@sanjuan.edu.


PARENT EDUCATION CLASSES: These classes will focus on the behaviors of your children and specific techniques that can be used to help understand and correcting behaviors. The behaviors targeted include: tantrums/outbursts, physical and verbal aggression, not following directions, and some self-injury. The parenting class will will teach you how to establish limits through the use of rewards and consequences to help create consistent behavioral changes in your home and reinforce positive behaviors while changing negative.  Classes are eight weeks long and are held for one hour each week. Information will be given when classes are to be offered.


TRANSITION WORKSHOP FOR PARENTS: These classes will address the following issues: minor behavioral issues, questions about conservatorship including: Who should be a conservator? What are the responsibilities of the conservator? How is a conservator appointed? This class will look at differences between day programs and work programs and how to know which one is right for your child. It will educate you on supportive versus independent living and talk about ways you can incorporate your child and family in the decision that is best for your child. The last few things this class will cover are recreational opportunities, helping your child find programs to get involved with and community support, looking at organizations your child can connect with that will help you access community resources. For information on the next class being offered, contact Lori Vine through her email at lvine@sanjuan.edu.

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