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San Juan » About Our School » Daily Schedules 2012-13 » New Schedule for 2010/2011

New Schedule for 2010/2011

See attached file at bottom of page for 2010/2011 Class Schedule

The purpose of this page is to give rationale and purpose of our 8-period alternating block schedule which began during the 2010-2011 school year. This schedule will involve students being scheduled for eight class periods. Each day students have four 90-minute classes (1, 3, 5, 7 on one day, 2, 4, 6, 8 the next). These classes alternate every other day on a continuous basis. This approach is aligned to the Vision and Mission of both the district and the school.

San Juan Unified School district Mission

Valuing diversity and excellence, the San Juan Unified School District's mission is to educate and inspire each student to succeed and responsibly contribute to a radically evolving world by providing innovative, rigorous, student-focused instruction and programs in a safe, caring, and collaborative learning community. 

Strategic Plan Objectives

·         All students will develop and apply 21st century skills such as problem solving, critical and creative thinking, collaboration, and applications of technology.

·         By 2015, we will reduce the number of students who are not performing at the proficient or advanced levels in English-language arts and math by at least 50 percent. 

  • Each student will successfully complete a challenging personal educational plan at each appropriate level that furthers his or her education AND career aspirations. 
  • All students will develop and consistently demonstrate the character traits necessary to become contributing, responsible, and caring members of the community.

New San Juan High School Mission

New San Juan High School’s Mission is to create a personalized and equitable learning experience for all students that develops student achievement through real-world connections and empowers students to become global citizens in the 21st century.

In order for ALL students to achieve this we will:

  • Create opportunities for students to participate within and throughout their school and greater community
  • Engage in best teaching practices to model life-long and independent learning
  • Form strong personal relationships through small learning communities (SLCs) and Advisory
  • Incorporate Project Based Learning (PBL) to provide relevant learning opportunities
  • Integrate technology and 21st Century skills as a tool to learn and to teach
  • Prepare all students for post secondary learning, including 4 and 2 year college, trade, technical, and apprenticeship programs
  • Provide both rigorous and differentiated learning so every student gets the supports he or she needs to learn
  • Use data and research to drive our decisions and instruction
  • Utilize career and technical pathways to provide real world and relevant learning opportunities for all students



New San Juan High School has been challenged with a unique endeavor – to create a comprehensive high school that graduates students with the requisite A-G UC and CSU requirements, while at the same time engages them and challenges them to participate in and complete a certificate in a career pathway.

In order to meet the needs of this unique challenge, the San Juan Unified School District committed over $30 million dollars into an aging infrastructure that focused a large amount of financial resources on creating the facilities to meet the needs of several career pathways, as well as give an 80-year-old plus facility a needed facelift to make the school an attractive and engaging facility. In this cause, a 10,000 square foot culinary academy facility is near completion; a transportation/auto repair facility is open, a newly refurbished construction lab is almost ready to open, and an engineering program and curriculum is in the final stages of development and completion.

The facilities were not the extent of the makeover, however. In the spring of 2008, every staff member of San Juan High School voluntarily relinquished their positions and faced reapplying and interviewing for their teaching spots. The application and interview process focused on the willingness to change their way of presenting instruction and focus on student learning rather than teacher-teaching. Each “new hire” committed to extensive professional learning over the ensuing three years, through June 2011 at least. Every staff member is aware of the mission and goals for student learning, and has been engaged in professional learning through the present day. Additionally, over the last two years the staff has studied various similar endeavors across the country – schools engaged in both developing small learning communities and career pathways. The staff studied varied bell schedules, school and SLC designs, and project-based learning initiatives. In the end, it was discovered that New San Juan High School would need to adopt the research findings into its own transformation that met the unique needs of our community.


During the 2009-2010 school year, the school underwent a Williams Act compliance visit and has been engaged in a WASC accreditation study. During both of these studies, the school Leadership Team worked on solving the ongoing problem of the current 6-period bell schedule. The shortcomings of the 6-period day included:

·         Insufficient periods in a day to meet the needs of a student for both A-G requirements and a  career pathways certificate over a four-year time period;
·         Student engaged in AVID faced even more restrictions of the schedule, and every 9th grader during this school year is already behind in completing A-G requirements, graduation requirements, and career pathway requirements;
·         The needs of a comprehensive high school are unable to be met (student government, yearbook, student activities) through the scheduling options of a 6-period day;
·         Staff collaboration of SLCs, the core of integrated design, was not possible on a consistent basis because of the limitations of a 6-period day;
·         Student transitions are high, going against current research that the fewer transitions students have, the better focused they are in classes;
·         Time on task during a 60-minute period is greatly reduced by managerial duties vs. a longer block of time;
·         A 60-minute period does not allow sufficient time for inquiry-based teaching strategies or extended investigation through projects or academic discourse.


Over the course of the redesign process, community involvement has been tremendous. The expectations of change in the Citrus Heights parent and business community has been a reality for a number of years. The community has adapted and “rolled with” the construction, career pathway implementation, and the issues of redesign. Change has been the expectation for new San Juan High School and its community. This has become evident during the spring of 2010 as community forums regarding the possibility of a bell schedule change have taken place. Parent and community support has been overwhelming.


The Endeavor

After extensive thought, research, and discussion, the end result has been the development of an 8-period rotating block (A/B) schedule. This schedule has four 90-minute periods each day, and these classes meet every other day. This bell schedule has many provisions that meet the unique needs of the redesign of New San Juan High School:

·         The 8-period block (schedule) allows for all students to complete the A-G requirements of UC/CSU; (Strategy 1, 4)

The schedule allow for all students to meet the completion requirements of our ROP career pathways. (Strategic Plan Objective 3);

·         The schedule allows for increased teacher collaboration to:

o   The creation of SLCs in the 9th and 10th grade level (Core English, History and Science at the 9th grade level and English and History at the 10th grade level); (Strategic Plan Objective 2)

o   Plan curriculum around SLCs; (Strategy 1)

o   Create personalized learning experiences to meet the needs for students within the SLCs; (Strategy 4)

o   Plan for and provide support for struggling students within the SLCs; (Strategy 4)

o   Make personalized connections to families of students who are both achieving and struggling; (Strategy 4, 7)

·         Give students more on-task time in each individual course, allowing them more time to ask questions, engage in academic discourse, and understand the learning objectives of each particular class; (Strategy 1, 4, Objective 3)

·         Allow for additional class time to create project-based lessons that help create real-world connections for students and changes the focus of instruction from teacher lecture to student centered; (Strategy 1, 4)

·         Allow for all 9th graders to experience all of our career pathways through our career wheel; (Objective 1, 3)

·         Allows teachers to concentrate on deep lasting learning and gives students the chance to explore rather than be given information; (Objective 1, Strategy 1)

·         Provide, as needed, remediation and support classes in the wake of cuts to staffing and summer school; (Strategy 1, 4)

·         Allows new San Juan High School students to take 240 minutes of instruction before going to ROP courses, increasing ADA for the school district; (Strategy 1, 2)

·         Allows for non-New San Juan High School students to enroll into and participate in our ROP offerings as they have always done; (Strategy 1, 4)

·         Allows for the implementation of Freshman Forum to assist 9th grade students in the acclimation to high school and develop good learning and study habits, and to make connections to caring and supportive adults; (Strategy 6)

·         Increases the opportunities to take elective courses in addition to career pathway classes; (Strategy 4)

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