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Sunday 9/11/16 from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm


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Middle & High School students and parents in the San Juan or nearby districts are welcome to attend. 

The only college conference of its type in the Sacramento region, College Sunday brings the area's leading college consultants, counselors, and admissions experts together to provide up-to-date information and answer detailed questions on all aspects of the college application process. Cost is per individual attendee - $25 for early registration and $30 after. A lunch can be purchased for $6.


Registration closed

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The key to a successful college application experience is an early understanding of the process and preparation involved. Many students begin thinking about the application process near the end of their Sophomore and Junior years of high school. We've found that many students and parents find it much more helpful (and much less stressful) to begin getting information earlier, particularly on topics related to financing.

College Sunday is here to help.

College Sunday is a conference that brings the area's leading college consultants, counselors, and admissions experts together, in small, hour-long classroom settings to answer questions like:

  • What can students and their families be doing now, before their Junior and Senior years to prepare?  What can we do to avoid common stressors?
  • What do I really need to know about financial aid? What are common pitfalls and how do I avoid them?
  • Public vs. Private? Large vs. Small? What's the best fit for me? 
  • What are the highly selective colleges really looking for?
  • Which tests, SAT or ACT, make the most sense for me?
  • Where do I get practical, specific feedback on my essay? How do I prepare for college interviews? 
Come to College Sunday to:
  • Become more fully informed about opportunities you may have overlooked. 
  • Learn how to navigate the admissions process more efficiently and strategically.
  • Become a more knowledgeable consumer of information targeted to college-bound students.


College Sunday Session Workshops

ACT vs. SAT Workshop- Learn key differences and similarities of the ACT and SAT and how to score higher on these exams. This workshop will cover test content, testing formats and maximizing testing efficiency. Leave with a study plan for success. Presenter: Katherine Plommer, Kaplan Pre-College/Test Prep
The SAT Essay- Learn all about the new redesigned SAT Essay and how it will require you to use reading, analyzing and writing skills. Many colleges require that the SAT Essay be included as part of your application so don't miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insight into this very important sample of your writing ability. Presenter: Katherine Plommer, Kaplan Pre-College/Test Prep
Planning Ahead: Admissions 101 for Freshmen and Sophomores- Investing $80,000 to $200,000 in a college education requires serious consideration, starting as soon as possible. This workshop will help Freshman and sophomore students and their parents to focus their plans and simplify the complexities of researching college options. Presenter: Jill Yoshikawa, Creative Marbles Consultancy
Choosing a College, Not Waiting to be Chosen- There are more than 4,000 degree-granting colleges in the United States- how do you decide which one is the right fit? Make sure that you are going to the college of your choice! Find out in this workshop how to tell if a college is the right match for you. Presenter: Jill Yoshikawa, Creative Marbles Consultancy
The Application Process- Learn how to get and stay organized throughout the long ordeal of applying to college. Presenter: Steve and Dottie Sterling, Sterling College Consultants Financial Aid Process and Pitfalls- The basics for the entire financial aid process will be presented. Learn how and when to apply for the “free money” available from key funding sources available for college, which steps should be taken to maximize your family's eligibility for receiving financial aid and how to avoid the most common financial aid pitfalls. Presenter: Steve and Dottie Sterling, Sterling College Consultants
The CSU System- With 23 campuses and over 400,000 students, the California State University system offers a high quality education in one of the most diverse and affordable systems in the country. Learn more about these incredible schools found in you own backyard. Presenter: Carlos Fernandez, California State University of Sacramento
The UC System- One of the most prestigious research university systems in the world, UC offers an outstanding education for a cost that is below the national average for similar institutions. Learn about the requirements, the application process and more. Presenter: Regan Davis, Directions to College
Pathways to anywhere: community college- Did you know the surest way to get into many top UC's and CSU's is to go to one of California's Community Colleges for two years, meet requirements and be guaranteed admission? Information will cover the community college system options as well as transfer process to CSU and UC systems. Presenter: Regan Davis, Directions to College
Highly Selective Colleges- Interested in attending one of the country's top-ranked college? Wish to learn Who are the applicants they accept? This presentation will provide an inside look at the admissions process. Presenter: Sharon Shadlow, College Path
College Pathways to Careers in Medicine and Health- According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, “employment of healthcare occupations is projected to grow 19% from 2014 to 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations, adding about 2.3 million new jobs.” Learn about the breadth of opportunities in this exciting industry, which ones might be right for you and how to best pursue your education in this field. Presenter: California Northstate University
Liberal Arts Colleges- Do they have a place on your college list?- The smaller setting at liberal arts colleges offers the intimate, high-quality education that many students thrive on. What do these private colleges offer, how do you win admission and what makes it all affordable? Presenter: Alice Wise, The College Planning Center
The Right Formula for STEM Students- How to plan ahead for a future in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math related field. Many of the jobs of the future will require an advanced education in STEM related disciplines and preparing for entry into these fields of college study mean careful planning as a high school student. Don't miss this valuable workshop. Presenter: Alice Wise, The College Planning Center
Scholarship Awards- making it happen!- The How, What, When, Where and Why of applying for scholarships. You will get lots of tips to organize and successfully apply for scholarships to help finance your college education. Presenter: Hannah Bense, The College Planning Center
Make the most of your Campus Visits- Campus visits are invaluable in helping you make your college list and choices. Hannah Bense will guide you to plan and prepare for your college visits, find information contacts, and detail interview expectations. Find out why every college visit counts! Presenter: Hannah Bense, The College Planning Center
Acing the College Interview- Learn about the purpose of the college interview, what to expect from different interviewing scenarios, and how to prepare to be a great interviewee and positively impact the college admissions decision. Presenter: Lynette Mathews, The College Planning Center
Telling your story beyond the 500 word essay- This workshop will help seniors and their families understand how college admissions officers evaluate the college essay, and the complexities of crafting competitive autobiographical essays. Presenter: Lynette Mathews, The College Planning Center
NCAA Recruitment and Standards for the Student Athlete- Thinking about playing a sport in college? Learn how to be recruited, the impact of recruitment on the admission process, the various NCAA divisions, assessing ability, and possible scholarship opportunities. Presenter: Samantha Rains, The College Planning Center

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