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Rio Americano » About Our School » Site Council » Site Council Agendas & Minutes » November 15, 2011

November 15, 2011

Site Council Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Rio Americano High School
Conference Room @ 3:00 PM


Call to Order at 3:05 p.m.

Present:     Susan Wait-Thompson – Classified Representative
                   Audrey Kilpatrick – Parent Representative
                   Nicole Brashear - Teacher Representative
                   Dave Becker – Parent Representative
                   Brian Ginter – Principal
                   Austin Hicks – Student Representative
                   Edmond Yaghougian – Student Representative (Alternate)
                   Kate Tremewan – Student Representative
                   Christy Thomas – Teacher Representative
                   Andrea Cracchiolo – Student Representative
                   Barbara Schneider – Teacher Representative
                   Karen Hanks – Teacher Representative
                   Tom Nelson – Classified Representative (Alternate)
                   Jeff Grenz – Parent Representative


Austin Hicks, chairperson, called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m.

Audrey Kilpatrick made a motion to approve the minutes from the October meeting.
Karen Hanks seconded the motion.
Motion approved.        

Kate Tremewan is the Public Relations Liaison and the appointed Student Representative from Student Government.

The Principal reported that the Supply account is at $7053.

A list of the expenditures from the Furniture & Equipment account was distributed.

Information from the last update report on the Rio Strategic Plan was distributed and discussed.

John Agostinelli is buying glass for the Raider Information Station as part of Action Plan #4
(Implement a comprehensive system to communicate all school-related activities to all families.

 -Strategic Plan Tactic #3, Action Plan #4).

The PTSA landscape committee is interested in getting a replacement to the electronic marquee.
A quarterly update on the status of the Rio Strategic Plan will be presented next month.

The locations where the Wireless Access Points have been mounted by the district for the PE classes are not optimal and consequently the PE teachers cannot take attendance using wireless devices on the tennis courts.

The review of the Link Crew program is mixed. Contact between Link Crew members and the freshman students should continue more often after the first day of school. A suggestion was made to coordinate Link Crew lunches. This could be facilitated as teacher NID (Non-Instructional Duty). There are about 100 Link Crew leaders and about 400 freshman students.

Audrey has heard of a program that has aspects of the Link Crew program and she will present it during the Old Business section at next month’s Site Council meeting.

A funding request for $193 for a wireless access point in the “H” wing was discussed. Technology Services wants the wireless access points to be purchased through the Technology Services department at a cost of between $800 and $1000.   Several classrooms have taken advantage of a feature in the newer Mac computers that allows them to also function as wireless access points. Using this feature can save the cost of having to purchase a separate wireless access points throughout the school. 

The change in the time that the custodians lock the hallway gates was discussed.

All the hallway gates were now being locked at 3:30 p.m. and this prevents students from being able to access their lockers after that time. The change in time was a response to lockers being broken into and items being stolen from the lockers. Changes to the cameras which are mounted in the hallways are being investigated to allow for improved video monitoring of the hallway lockers. Adjustments to the work hours of the campus monitors was also suggested to allow improved hallway locker access for student who stay after 3:30 because of athletic activities or tutoring.

A system to communicate activities using weekly announcements and the P.A. system was discussed. The change from using the P.A. system to having the announcements read in class has not been successful because teachers are not having the announcements read.

Computer lab access and the computer lab reservation system was discussed. New teachers have not been trained on the procedures for reserving and checking out the computers labs and computer carts.

Having someone in charge of verifying that there are not conflicting reservations of the resources would be helpful to teachers. 

It was suggested that the key to the computer labs be checked out through the librarian similar to the manner in which the computer carts are checked in and out by the librarian. 

A motion was made by Austin Hicks to adjourn the meeting. 
The motion was seconded by Karen Hanks.
Motion approved.

Meeting adorned at 4:00 p.m.



Meetings are open to the public
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