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San Juan (ret) » College & Career » College Entrance Requirements

College Entrance Requirements

California Community Colleges: Any student who has earned a high school diploma or has reached his/her 18th birthday is eligible to enroll at a California community college, and he/she may earn an Associate of Arts degree, an Occupation Certificate, or units for transfer to four-year colleges or universities.  Los Rios Community Colleges require placement tests prior to student registration.

California State Universities & Colleges: Admission is determined by (1) high school GPA, (2) SAT or ACT scores, and (3) completion of specific subject requirements listed below with a grade of “C” or better.

  1. Four (4) years of college prep English
  2. Three (3) years of college prep math
  3. One (1) year of social studies (U.S. history/Government)
  4. One (1) year of laboratory science (biology, chemistry, or physics)
  5. Two (2) years of the same foreign language
  6. One (1) year of visual/performing arts (not Physical Education)
  7. Three (3) years of electives (college prep classes in English, history, advanced math, laboratory science, foreign language, social studies and visual/performing arts

University of California: Students must take fifteen (15) units of high school courses to fulfill the subject requirement, seven (7) units of which must be taken in the last two years of high school.  (A unit is equal to an academic year, or two semesters, of study) High SAT/ACT scores and GPA’s required.

a. History/Social Studies: two years (2)

b. English: four (4) years of college preparatory English

c. Mathematics: Three (3) years of college prep math (4 years   recommended)

d. Laboratory Science: Two years (2)

e. Foreign language: Two (2) years (3 years recommended)

f. College Preparatory Electives: Two years (2) in addition to those required in “a-e” above, to be chosen from at least two of the following areas: history, English, advanced math, laboratory science, foreign language, social science, and fine arts.

g. Students graduating after 2004 will need the following:
    English — 4 years college prep
    Math — 3 years college prep
    Science &mdash 2 years of Lab
    Foreign Language &mdash 2 years
    Fine Arts &mdash 1 year
    College Prep Elective &mdash 1 year

Private and out-of-State Schools: Students meeting University of California entrance requirements generally will meet requirements of private and out-of state schools.  Refer to individual catalogs for specifics.

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