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San Juan (ret) » About Our School » Attendance Procedures

Attendance Procedures


A.    When a student is absent for any reason, his/her parent or legal guardian must excuse the absence with a note or a phone call to the Attendance Office at 971-5148.  The note must include the student’s first and last name, the reason for the absence, the exact date(s) and number of periods of absence, and the signature and relationship of the parent/guardian verifying the absence.

B.    Students need to clear absences within 5 days of returning to school.  If the absence is not cleared within 5 days it will become a truancy.

C.    All absences not cleared within 24 hours will initiate a recorded phone message to the home on the following day.

D.    Students who receive 36 periods of truancy in a school year may be transferred from San Juan High School for habitual truancy.  Truancy letters from the SJUSD will be mailed home after 18, 30 and 36 periods of truancy.  Seniors who accumulate 36 truancies in a year will not be allowed to participate in commencement. After April 15 seniors in jeopardy of not participating in commencement must clear their absences within three days in the Attendance Office.   Students enrolled in an ROP program, or attending only a partial day at San Juan High School may be restricted to 18 periods of uncleared absences.  If your student has a different schedule please contact his/her Vice Principal or Counselor for clarification.

E.   Students lose the privilege of making up homework when an absence is considered to be truancy.  Citizenship grades are also adversely affected.  Students with habitual truancies can lose the privilege of attending San Juan High School and participating in extra-curricular activities, including commencement.  An alternative school may be found for these students.

F.    The Attendance Office opens at 7:30 a.m. to give students ample time to take care of their business and arrive in class on time.  Students who arrive at the Attendance Office after the class bell rings will be considered tardy to class.

G.    Forged notes will result in a consequence stipulated by the SJUSD Grounds for Suspension and Expulsion.

H.    Parents may check on their students’ attendance between 9:00 AM and 2:45 PM - Attendance Office number 971-5148.

I.    Students receive an updated attendance printout each Thursday in their fourth period class.  Students are responsible for checking for accuracy and making corrections.
Early Dismissal:

A.    Once a student arrives on the San Juan campus, he/she must get an early dismissal to leave campus for any reason.  Students need to bring a note to the Attendance Office with the dismissal time and the return time signed by the parent or guardian.  The appropriate time to get an early dismissal is before school, at lunch.  In an emergency situation parents/guardians may contact any office for assistance.

B.    If a student becomes ill and needs to leave school, he/she must go to the Attendance Office to have an attendance staff member call home to approve his/her leaving school.  Parents, legal guardians, or persons listed on the emergency cards are the only acceptable persons to give permission to leave.  We cannot allow a student to leave without proper authorization.

C.    If a student leaves campus for any reason without an early dismissal, he/she will receive a Closed-Campus Violation that will result in a suspension: 1st offense = 3 days of home suspension.

Attendance Notification

Parents are notified of uncleared absences by automatic phone machine on the evening following the absence.  They are also notified of truancies by letters from the SJUSD and Sheriff’s Department after 18, 30, and 36 periods truancy.  A Central Review is held to send a student to an alternative program after 36 periods of truancy.  Students are given attendance printouts each Thursday.  Attendance is tied closely to academic success and parents are urged to review printouts with their students. Students are responsible for notifying teachers of possible errors and clearing errors in the Attendance Office.


    A.    A student who arrives at school after the warning bell should go directly to the Attendance Office.

    B.    School-Wide Tardy Policy
In order to provide a fair and uniform tardy policy, San Juan’s staff has agreed upon a school-wide tardy policy. The following policy is enforceable each semester for unexcused Tardies:

Tardy Consequences

  • 1st: Warning
  • 2nd: Teacher assigns after school detention
  • 3rd: Teacher assigns after school detention           
  • 4th: Teacher assigns after school detention
  • 5th: Teacher refers to Main Office immediately VP assigns PASS
  • 6th: Teacher assigns after school detention
  • 7th: Teacher assigns after school detention   
  • 8th: Teacher assigns after school detention
  • 9th & beyond: Teacher refers to Main Office immediately.  Administrator to address willful disobedience of Tardy Policy - 1 day suspension for every day beyond 9
Policy on Time Limit for Make-Up after Student Absences:

A.    It is the student’s responsibility to initiate the process for obtaining make-up work after an absence from class.  It is the teacher’s prerogative to set the time and place for make-up.

B.    For every day of excused or unexcused absence and for every day missed due to a one-day to three-day suspension, a student will receive a day to make up the work missed.  If you are absent longer than five days, the teacher will have the discretion to allow a period longer than a week, if the teacher feels the time is warranted.  No make-up work is allowed for work missed because of truancy.

C.    If a student is suspended for five days, the Vice Principal’s secretary will request homework.  For suspensions of less than five days, students or parents may request homework through the Vice-Principal’s Office. The homework will be available for pickup after school on the day following the request.  The work assigned on this basis will be due upon the student’s return to school.

D.  Short Term Independent Study Program is a program for students who must be absent for longer than 5 days due to a family emergency, pending alternative placement, or unavoidable personal family business.  Participating in this program prevents the student from being marked truant during the absence.  Students must make a request with their Vice Principal as soon as they know they will be absent to arrange for the work to be collected from the teachers.  Absence may be cleared only if the requirements of the program are met.

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