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    There is still might be time to be part of the Adult Education Commencement Ceremony for the Class of 2015. Whether you are a few credits short or a lot, we can help you be successful……….find out how you can earn a high school diploma or pass the GED, by attending an orientation session held every Monday 2:30 p.m., in room 10, at the Sunrise Tech Center. Call 971-7654 for more details.

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  • Learn about the series of four GED Tests

    Part One “Reasoning through Language Arts” Did you know that you will be given 150 minutes to take both parts of the test? The test is offered in three sections, with a 10 minute optional break. Did you know that the passing score is 150 or higher? Did you know that seventy-five percent of the texts in the exam are informational texts (including nonfiction drawn from the science and the social studies as well as a range of texts from workplace contexts); 25 percent are literature? Did you know that the strongest predictor of career and college readiness is the ability to read and comprehend complex texts, especially nonfiction? Did you know that the test will require you to demonstrate your ability to: Read closely, Write clearly, Edit and understand the use of standard written English in context. Did you know that on the Reading Comprehension section of the test that you will be asked to: Determine the details of what is explicitly stated and make logical inferences or valid claims that square with textual evidence, Read and respond to questions from a range of texts that are from the upper levels of complexity, including texts at the career and college-ready level of text complexity. Did you know that on the Writing section of the test that you will be asked to: Draw relevant and sufficient evidence from a literary or information text to support analysis and reflection. Use technology to produce writing, demonstrating sufficient command of keyboarding skills. Did you know that your test will be scored three key elements? Trait 1: Analysis of Arguments and Use of Evidence Trait 2: Development of Ideas and Structure Trait 3: Clarity and Command of Standard English

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Common Core

Common Core logo Big changes are underway in your students’ classrooms: 46 states across the country have adopted key academic standards that will replace current California standards in English/language arts and math. 
The goal of the rigorous Common Core State Standards is to instill the 21st century, higher-thinking skills that prepare all students for college and their careers - as well as to succeed in a global economy and society.