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San Juan
San Juan Arts Community
Craig Faniani, VAPA Coordinator
(916) 979-8641

San Juan Unified District Office
3738 Walnut Ave.
Carmichael, CA 95608
(916) 971-7700

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Teachers Only

Course Offerings

Goals & Guidelines

The VAPA Goal: The Arts are for EVERYONE!
Teach creatively, cultivate curiosity, and inspire imagination in your students everyday.

Integrate the Arts into other curricular areas: not just infuse or add on but true standards integration to preserve the integrity of both courses (or more) of study. 

Teach 21st Century Learning Competencies: Here is a list from which to draw:
21st Century teaching/learning/skills list (ongoing) 
 • Strategic Plan 
1. 21st Century skills 
2. Inspire each student 
3. Innovative, rigorous, student focused instruction 
4. Nurturing relationships and healthy environments are necessary for individuals to thrive 
5. People learn in different ways and at varied paces 
6. Challenging people to meet high expectation leads to exceptional learning and remarkable results 
 • Seven Competencies for 21st Century Learning - Wagner 
1. Critical thinking and problem solving 
2. Collaboration across networks and leading by influence 
3. Agility and adaptability 
4. Initiative and entrepreneurialism 
5. Effective oral and written communication 
6. Accessing and analyzing information 
7. Curiosity and imagination 
 • Dr. Victoria Stevens 
1. Ability to change: flexibility 
2. Ability to engage in questioning and debate: multiple perspectives 
3. Tolerate respect and understand different points of view: teamwork 
4. Empathy 
5. Sense of self-respect and the respect of others 
6. Applying theoretical concepts from one area of knowledge and applying to other areas 
• Emotional intelligence (Goleman) 
1. Motivation 
2. Tolerate frustration 
3. Control impulses 
4. Delay gratification 
• Multiple intelligences (Gardner) 
1. Musical 
2. Kinesthetic 
3. Logical-Mathematical 
4. Linguistic 
5. Spiritual 
6. Interpersonal 
7. Intrapersonal 


Guideline I: Consider your audience – Building numbers, capacity, and interest
Questions to ask:

  1. How do I engage and retain my students?
  2. How do I authorize students to lead in the classroom?
  3. Do I have intimate knowledge of the needs and learning styles of my students?
  4. Would I enjoy taking my class?

Guideline II:  Expand your curriculum – Bringing new learning, ideas, and information to my classroom
Questions to ask:
  1. Am I relating other VAPA areas or other curricular areas in my teaching?
  2. How can I better use technology as a tool in my lessons?
  3. What new ideas, concepts, perspectives and insights am I bringing to my classroom?

Guideline III: Communicate your mission
Questions to ask:
  1. Are my philosophies, my lessons, and what the students learn, aligned?
  2. How do I communicate, display, share, the importance of my students’ work and what I teach?
  3. How can I raise the awareness and build the Arts in my community?

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