Mission Statement:

Greer Elementary, a diverse community of life long learners and innovative problem solvers, in partnership with families and community, will educate and
inspire all students to be inquisitive and persistent individuals who use critical thinking skills to be productive citizens through comprehensive personalized instruction, collaboration, and positive character development.

We Believe That...
  • Every person is unique and has equal worth.
  • Everyone can and will learn.
  • People learn in different ways and at varied paces.
  • Education is the shared responsibility of students families, teachers, staff, and community.
  • Quality education expands opportunities throughout a person’s life.
  • Challenging people to meet high expectations leads to exceptional learning and remarkable results.
  • Nurturing relationships and healthy environments are necessary for individuals to thrive.
  • Diversity is a valuable asset that strengthens and enriches our community.
  • Personal development and community well-being depend on individual responsibility.
  • Everyone benefits when people willingly contribute to the well-being of others.
  • Honesty and integrity are essential to build trusting relationships.
  • Access to a quality public education is essential to our democracy.

Strategic Parameters

  • We will always operate schools which are physically and emotionally safe with environments conducive to learning.
  • School and program plans will always be aligned with the Strategic Plan of the district.
  • We will not tolerate behavior or language which demeans the dignity or worth of any individual group.
  • No program or service will be retained unless it makes an optimal contribution to the mission and benefits continue to justify the costs.
  • We will not tolerate ineffective performance by any staff member.
  • As we focus on improving English-language arts and math, we do so within a balanced curriculum.
  • No new program or service will be accepted unless:
It is consistent with the Strategic Plan
Its benefits clearly justify the costs
Provisions are made for professional development, program evaluation and communication with constituents


  • By 2016, we will increase to 67 the percentage of students school-wide who are performing at the proficient or advanced level in ELA and math as demonstrated through multiple measures.
  • By 2016, all students in our target groups will demonstrate accelerated annual growth to close achievements gaps evidenced by multiple
  • measures.
  • By 2016, all students will demonstrate persistence in problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration through a variety of contexts including project-based learning, and comprehensive literacy.
  • By 2016, all students will develop and consistently demonstrate character traits necessary to become contributing, responsible, and caring
  • members of our diverse society
Last Modified on June 2, 2014