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Mr. Brian T. Ginter
(916) 979-8860  
      -Agenda Posted on school website under "Our School">> "Site Council">> "Site Council Agendas, Minutes, and Schedule"-
Weekly Bulletins
*********Please watch this video on Texting and Driving**********  
Week at a Glance: April 24 through April 28  
Monday - Normal day, all periods meet. 
Tuesday - Block, periods 1, 3, 5 meet.  
Wednesday - Block, periods 2, 4, 6 meet
Thursday - 1:35 dismissal, all periods meet.
Friday - Rally Schedule for Extended Lunch.
Mr. Ginter will be on campus all week, except Friday morning (Family committment). 
Rio Familes, 
If you are looking for carpool rides to Rio, please click the link below. 
Morning drop off and afternoon pick up have been running fairly well.  We did have our first accident this morning.  I want to remind all driver to look every way possible before pulling out, making turns, or U-turns.  I know it can be hectic out there, but patients in the traffic is a must for the safety of the students and parents in the traffic.
Afternoon pick up has been taking about 25 minutes from the end of school until the parking lot and street are clear, please plan for this as you pick up.  Also, please have students use crosswalks to meet you on the other side of the street and walk to where you are at.  Too many students have been walking across the road in traffic, which is a huge safety risk, not to mention against the law.  We do not need any pedestrians hit by cars.
Construction Update 
Parking-When school starts on Thursday August 18, 2016, parking for students will be at a premium.  Although we are not planning on using parking passes, seniors and juniors have priority in the student parking lot.  We do ask that any students who can carpool together do so. There are only 300 total student parking spots on campus, a map of the student parking, staff parking, visitor parking, construction parking, and Senior Net parking is available by clicking here.  Those students who do not find parking on campus may use street parking, but must follow all traffic signs and laws for parking on the street.
Traffic Flow and Student Drop off-To help the traffic flow at drop off and pick-up, a map of where you should go, based on which direction you are coming from can be viewed by clicking here.  ****When picking up in the afternoon please look for open parking spaces to wait instead of parking in the traffic flow lanes.  Seniors have started leaving now for early out and there are a large amount of open parking spaces to wait in at pick up time.****Also when turning right on Saverign from American River and turning right onto American River from Saverign do not park in the turning lanes (the dotted line on the road marks them.  This prevents traffic that does not need to stop from continuing to flow.****
Time Lapse Camera of Construction -
New Gym Floor Pictures 
Finished Floor  
New Floor Logo  
Educating Parents About Teen Drug Use 
Please follow link to 


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