Students in the English classes at Mira Loma will explore a wide variety of literary genres, from international and national perspectives. They will be challenged and encouraged to improve their analytical, speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as their curiosity and creativity. The standards-based units will help students develop their intellect, reason, maturity and encourage them to become global thinkers that have a broad, open minded perspective and have the ability to collaborate with others effectively. For more details on specific classes, please download the PDF of the course descriptions here:  

English Classes Course Decsriptions

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Ali Alazawi


Eric Adams


Marcy Alexander


Michael Bender 


Keith Carmona


Dave De Ruysscher


Brenda Grueneberger (Department Chair)


Michael Lineback


Julie Morse


Sarah Ochoa


Oleg Petrik


Doniel Soto


Josh Stinson


Rachel Volzer

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