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This past summer your MLHS Cheer team to attend cheer camp at UC Santa Cruz.  Upon arrival the squad quickly realized they were the smallest team at this camp of 500.  With that being said they didn’t let the numbers intimidate them they came to learn and win! The camp theme this year was “Go for the Gold” and that’s just what cheer did, they captured Gold on a daily.  On the final day it was time for awards. It was a proud moment to see ML beat several squads twice their size.  That speaks volumes for your small and mighty squad…although we aren’t surprised. WE ARE MATADORS…WE NEVER GIVE IN TO THE BULL!

Team Awards:
Superior in performance won the team a bid to Florida to perform at Disneyworld
Superior in sideline cheer won the team a bid to perform at a college bowl game

  • 3rd place sideline chants
  • 3rd place cheer
  • (3) spirit sticks
  • (3) gold ribbons
  • Superior Team Trophy  
Individual Awards:
All American Cheerleaders winning a bid to London:
  • Misheel Dolguun, Sophomore, JV Captain
  • Arica Turner, Senior
  • Jazmine Dunn, Senior, Varsity Captain
>>Jazmine is ML’s 1st 3rd time All American Winner
>>Jazmine was awarded a bid to try out for United Cheerleading Association’s cheer team.
     This is an honor for the cheer coach and captain since a cheerleader from ML
     has not received an invitation since 2010.

Jasmine Dunn                        Cheer Part II      

Jazmine Dunn – Varsity Captain Jazmine Dunn – Senior, Varsity Captain
3 time All American Cheerleader Arica Turner - Senior
Misheel Dulguun – Sophomore, JV Captain


     Cheer Pic #1

Did you know MLHS cheer attends other events besides football and basketball?

We were invited to attend a Water Polo match and the outpour of excitement was so much fun we returned the following week!
Our Water Polo team had cheer envy from their competition. Many spectators and coaches personally thanked Coach Kaila and the squad for appearing at the matches.
   Cheer Pic #2  
Although we can't attend every game Coach K will make sure they attend at least 1 if asked.
If you would like to see cheer at your game/match please have your coach contact her at

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 Cheer Coach:
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MLHS Cheer is proud to announce the 2015/2016 Roster

Varsity Squad:

Alexis Alexander
Arica Turner
Brooke Edmiston
Hannah Niccum
Halle Hunter
Jazmine Dunn
Kellie Kerr
Megan Devlin
Nellie Duncan
Teja Laughlin

JV Squad:

Amaiya Gayle
Erin Mulligan
Hannah Booth
Iskally Huerta
Jasmine Elzahery
    2015 - 2016 Cheer  
Last Modified on August 19, 2016