Visual and Performing Arts

Matador painting Mira Loma’s VAPA curriculum includes beginning drama, advanced drama, International Baccalaureate Theatre (standard and higher level), Band, Choir, Guitar, International Baccalaureate music (standard and higher level), Art 1, Global Art, Drawing and Painting, International Baccalaureate art (levels 1 and 2), and International Studies art.

Our focus on western as well as non-western artistic traditions makes our program one of the most diverse in the San Juan Unified School District, if not the entire region. The majority of our faculty hold Masters Degrees in their respective disciplines. Mira Loma also houses the Secondary Visual Arts Lead teacher.
Visual Arts
Mira Loma's Visual Arts Program includes:
Beginning Drawing and Painting
Advanced Drawing and Painting
MYP/IS Global Art
IS2 Senior Art
Beginning and Advanced Ceramics
IB Visual Art 1 & 2
Digital Art 
Performing Arts
Mira Loma's performing art's program consists of:
MYP/IS Beginning Drama
Advanced Drama
IB Theater
"Stagecraft" class
Mira Loma offers the following music courses:
Zero Period Honors Band
Concert Choir
Concert Band
Honors Band
MYP Music 


Visual Art 


Kristi Char

Classes taught: IB Art 1/2, MYP Global Art, IS Global Art

Gia Moreno

Classes taught:  Adv Drawing and Painting I, Beginning Drawing, International Studies/Art 2

Sandra Sastre-Chavez

Classes taught:  Beginning and Advanced Ceramics, Digital Art

Performing Arts 


Doniel Soto

Classes taught: Advanced Drama, MYP Beginning Drama
Black Box Theatre

Nicole Schallig-Weil

Classes taught: IB Theatre, MYP/Beginning Drama, Stagecraft



Michael McAllister (Department Chair)

Music Director

Jill Sorenson

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