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Sylvan Middle School

Sylvan MS mascot Sylvan Middle School's facility is in need of significant upgrade or replacement. On Oct. 28, Superintendent Kern and staff presented the Board of Education three recommendations to address the Sylvan Middle School facility needs:
  1. Consolidate Citrus Heights Elementary School with Carriage Drive Elementary as a K-5 school beginning with the 2015-16 school year and assign the current Citrus Heights Elementary boundary area to the new combined school.
  2. Authorize modernization of the Citrus Heights Elementary School campus to provide the community of Citrus Heights with a quality middle school facility.
  3. Move Sylvan Middle School to the modernized Citrus Heights Elementary facility beginning with the 2016-17 school year.
Board members discussed the recommendations and are anticipated to decide the issue on Nov. 18. 
You can learn more about the conversation on the Help Sylvan page.

Common Core

Common Core logo Big changes are underway in your students’ classrooms: 46 states across the country have adopted key academic standards that will replace current California standards in English/language arts and math. 
The goal of the rigorous Common Core State Standards is to instill the 21st century, higher-thinking skills that prepare all students for college and their careers - as well as to succeed in a global economy and society.