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U-CAN helps San Juan Unified students connect with resources for college

U-CAN Go to College The process of applying to colleges can be daunting for many high school students –– especially for those who are the first in their family to consider secondary education. While college enrollment for low-income minorities has increased, it remains lower than rates for students with more affluent backgrounds. That’s where organizations like U-CAN Go to College hope to close the gap.

The nonprofit, founded in 1988 by Alan and Donna Rowe, aims to make applying for college easier and more affordable by connecting students to scholarship opportunities, coaching them through the application process and connecting them to other resources that are available.

Throughout the school year, U-CAN staff visits high schools to connect with juniors and seniors who are hoping to attend college after graduating. Recently, the nonprofit visited Del Campo High School.

Click here to watch a video U-CAN at Del Campo High School

“The U-CAN program wants every student that we work with to know that college is not just a dream,” Alan Rowe said. “We want to continue to work in this district to let all students know that they can and will have a great future.”