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Econ, TOK & EE » IB Theory of Knowledge Resources

IB Theory of Knowledge Resources

August 14, 2013

Please download and print the TOK Introduction 2013 document listed below.  I'll be checking for it on August 16th.

Related Files

    doc TOK Summer Reading Assignment 2013 (doc file - 30 KB)

    pdf TOK Introduction Packet 2013 (pdf file - 54 KB)
    Bring hard copy to class on August 16th!

    pdf TOK Ethics Packet (pdf file - 130 KB)
    Ethics packet for 2012

    pdf TOK Essay Tips (pdf file - 149 KB)
    A list of tips from an IB examiner about what to do (and not to do) in TOK essays. Quite useful.

    pdf TOK Essay Criteria from IB (pdf file - 37 KB)
    These are the criteria IB gives us to assess student essays.

    pdf Language Unit 2010 (pdf file - 7.16 MB)

    pdf TOk History Packet 2011 (pdf file - 2.35 MB)
    These are the history lessons for January, 2011

    pdf Unit 1 Docs (pdf file - 1.03 MB)
    Unit summary and lessons for our first unit. Download and print this, have it in class on 8/24/2010.

    doc TOK Essay Criteria 2007 onwards (doc file - 38 KB)
    This is the one page version - much more convenient

    doc Logic Lessons (doc file - 86 KB)

    pdf Fallacies Packet, 2008 (pdf file - 38 KB)

    pdf Ways of Knowing Packet (pdf file - 99 KB)
    Lesson materials for our second unit this year, Ways of Knowing

    pdf TOK Natural Science Packet 2008 (pdf file - 4.98 MB)

    pdf TOK Math Lessons (pdf file - 5.62 MB)

    pdf .pdf: You need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5 or higher) for PC or Macintosh to view this file type.
    doc .doc file: You need the Microsoft Word Program, the free Word Viewer 2003, or a program that can import Word files in order to view this file type.

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