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Mr. Traversi - Team Spectrum Science
8th grade Science and High Acheiver Science

Hello and Welcome

In Brief
This page will allow you access to homework assignments,announcements and important class documents.
You are encouraged to explore Mr. Traversi's website for additional information. If you are neither parent or student, then you must be a random visitor! Please leave feedback before you leave. :-)

Current Unit- Astronomy
If you are searching for an assignment from a class that you missed or lost, take note of the above "Current Unit" name then visit classroom handouts tab and download the work you missed.  If you are looking for the Homework- Look on the side tab called "My Homework".  Then spend a few minutes looking around so you can find things quickly when you need to.

Yosemite Field-trip- Next Meeting March 20, 6 pm room 3 A meeting of Chaperones and Drivers- anyone welcome to attend.. All Yosemite paperwork due 3/14/2014- 

Students must be comfortable checking their own grades each week.
Parents... You must know two things to see your child's grade.
Your child's period for science (ask them)
Your child's student ID number (located on their student ID card- Same number they have always had)

Detailed grade reports are posted left under the "grades" tab and are updated each week. (A quick bookmark now will put them at your/child's fingertips for quick reference.)
Less detailed marks are posted to Q  during the mid-session progress report term and the end of quarter marking term.  I do not use Q's Gradebook feature, so incremental (hourly/minutely) updates will not be available between official posting dates. 

Please click this link visit my donorschoose site. If you make a donation to my grant proposal it goes directly into the hands of your children.  There is no donation too small. I have seen first hand how $5 donations add up quickly. ALL DONATIONS TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Chaperones- Yosemite,CalTrans
If you are the type that like to drive or chaperone on field-trips and over-nighters then please read on.
All forms can be downloaded from this website under the tab "Field trip documents"- Please don't wait - Get finger printed ASAP so you are available when needed. When I put out the call for chaperones... the people who get the job already have the forms on file. If I need back up parents.. or last minutes replacements... there is often no time to begin the process from scratch.

All drivers and chaps need to be fingerprinted* and have auto insurance forms on file. Do not delay this process. Fingerprints are good for 5 years and insurance documents are good for one school year.

*fingerprints must be done at the district office -free of charge to you!

CST released questions
should download the released question..print them out ... and ask questions.
available in the "classroom handouts" sidebar

Contact Mr. Traversi

Student Work Sheets and Parent Resources
All parent and student handouts are found on the left sidebar

The Telephone
Sometimes a phone call is the shortest distance between two points
I will provide my home # to your child - use that for those conversations that are just better spoken directly.

Team Spectrum
Mr. Androlowicz- History

Ms. Kelsay- English
Ms. Schneider- Math

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