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My Resources » Graphic Organizers for Comprehension

Graphic Organizers for Comprehension
Determine specific teaching purpose, identify the matching graphic support!

Graphic Organizers

ABC brainstorm
 clock buddies
 column notes
 CD map
 graphic organizers
 history frames
 inquiry chart
 K - W - L
 power thinking
 questioning the author
 pattern puzzles
 RAFT papers
 reciprocal teaching
 semantic feature analysis
 story maps
 3-minute pause
 3 - 2 - 1
 venn diagrams
 word maps


This site is great to look up each type of GENRE and identify a strategy and graphic organizer to use when planning/teaching!!! 

*Including Vocabulary and Character support

Cause & Effect GOs
sample from this site:venn
Over 56 graphic organizers with descriptors!

Blank Summary Cube Template with directions and rubric &

Fable Summary Cube


pdf Story Cube directions, rubric, graphic organizer and cube template.pdf (pdf file - 204kb)

Click here to read more about rubrics~ communicate the skills your students have already mastered and identify what their next steps are- to build on what they know.... raising student achievement for all performance levels.

pdf Fable Summary Cube template and directions.pdf (pdf file - 312kb)

Strategy for picture walking/predicting:
Expository/Non Fiction Text


56 Results from ReadWriteThink on Graphic Organizers

SparkleBox Graphic Support

30 Graphic Organizers with Teaching Guide Sheet

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