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My Resources » Bookmarks to Support Comprehension

Bookmarks to Support Comprehension
Decoding, Strategies and Skill Scaffolding for Readers

Template Bookmarks:


pdf Response Bookmarks for strategies.pdf (pdf file - 15kb)
Reciprocal Teaching:


pdf Clarifying Words (Bookmark) (pdf file - 804kb)

pdfsuper six take 2(bookmark).pdf (pdf file - 2,035kb)

Copy these BACK to BACK> Student Bookmark 
Clarifying Strategies:


    pdf Bookmarks clarify.pdf (pdf file - 297kb)

Stuck on a Word?:


pdf reading bookmark (pdf file - 2,082kb)

Student Talk Frames
Reading Strategies:


    pdf Student Talk Reading Strategy frames bookmark.pdf (pdf file - 101kb)

& Ideas:


pdf File Clarifying Words and Ideas bookmark.pdf (pdf file - 107kb)

Monitoring Comprehension:


pdf File Monitoring Comprehension bookmark.pdf (pdf file - 135kb)
Trifold Clipboard:
One use: to support comprehension during Guided Reading

pdf blank clipboard trifold bookmark.pdf (pdf file - 268kb)

Student Sample: 
pdf sample GR comp bookmark.pdf (pdf file - 386kb)

FYI: Printing bookmarks (with different a back than the front) make me crazy.  My fix for this is putting both sides on one sheet. After printing, I fold it in half and then trim the side that has excess space. Leave it like that or laminate...
It’s up to you.  :)

pdf folktale bookmark.pdf (pdf file - 311kb)

Mystery Bookmark


pdf student bookmark-mystery.pdf (pdf file - 76kb)
Literary Devices

pdf Literary Devices Bookmark.pdf (pdf file - 86kb)

Bookmark Templates:

 Teaching Reading Strategies with Beanie Babies
pdf bb new word strat bookmark.pdf (pdf file - 107kb)
docxcomprehension companions bookmark.docx (docx file - 589kb)

 pdf beanie baby reading sheet.pdf (pdf file - 210kb)

For posters and more related support click:

Related Files

    pdf File Bookmarks clarify.pdf (pdf file - 29 KB)

    pdf File Bookmarks for strategies.pdf (pdf file - 14 KB)

    pdf File Student Talk Strategy frames bookmark.pdf (pdf file - 99 KB)

    pdf File Monitoring Comprehension bookmark.pdf (pdf file - 13 KB)

    pdf File Clarifying Words and Ideas bookmark.pdf (pdf file - 10 KB)

    pdf File blank clipboard trifold bookmark.pdf (pdf file - 26 KB)

    pdf File sample GR comp bookmark.pdf (pdf file - 37 KB)

    pdf File student bookmark-mystery.pdf (pdf file - 74 KB)

    pdf File Posters.pdf (pdf file - 28 KB)

    pdf File Literary Devices Bookmark.pdf (pdf file - 84 KB)

    pdf File folktale bookmark.pdf (pdf file - 30 KB)

    doc File reading-bb+decoding+bookmarks.doc (doc file - 339 KB)

    pdf File beanie baby reading bookmarks.pdf (pdf file - 319 KB)

    pdf File beanie baby reading sheet.pdf (pdf file - 205 KB)

    pdf File bb new word strat bookmark.pdf (pdf file - 105 KB)

    docx File comprehension companions bookmark.docx (docx file - 575 KB)

    pdf .pdf: You need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5 or higher) for PC or Macintosh to view this file type.
    doc .doc file: You need the Microsoft Word Program, the free Word Viewer 2003, or a program that can import Word files in order to view this file type.
    docx .docx file: You need the Microsoft Word 2007 Program or the free Word Viewer 2003 and Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word 2007 File Formats to view this file type.

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