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We use the Houghton Mifflin Alphafriends to help teach the letters and sounds of the Alphabet.  For each letter, there is a character, a sound, and a song.

The links for each alphafriend's song and the words are below! They are listed in the order they are introduced.  Check them out!! :)

Click on this link below. 

You can print out the Alphfriends!!!!!!

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    » Sammy Seal
    Sammy Seal Sammy Seal will sail the sea when summer is the season. Sammy Seal will sail the sea and never need a reason. Sammy Seal will sail the sea in very sunny weather. Sammy Seal salutes a seagull as they sail together.
    » Mimi Mouse
    Mimi Mouse Mimi Mouse, Mimi Mouse, Minds her manners in the house. When she sips her milk, She never makes a mess. Mud pies never stain her dress.
    » Reggie Rooster
    Reggie Rooster Reggie has a rocket that is red. Reggie keeps it right beside his bed. Reggie likes to listen to rock and roll. Reggies plays it on his radio.
    » Tiggy Tiger
    Tiggy Tiger Tiggy Tiger can tickle his toes, Tiggy Tiger can tap his nose. Tiggy Tiger can turn around, Tiggy Tiger can touch the ground. Tiggy Tiger can tie his shoes, Tiggy Tiger can count by two's.
    » Benny Bear
    Benny Bear Benny Bear, Benny Bear, Please beware, please beware. I see a bee near the basket of beets, The bee is buzzing by buttery treats. Please don't run, Eat your bun.
    » Nyle Noodle
    Nyle Noodle I know a noodle named Nyle. He likes to nap for awhile. He wears a scarf around his head, He's neat and right in style.
    » Hattie Horse
    Hattie Horse Hattie is a hungry horse. She's hungry for her hay of course. Hattie is a hungry horse. She hurries home by noon.
    » Vinny Volcano
    Vinny Volcano Vinny volcano is my valentine. Vinny volcano, oh won't you be mine? I'll visit Vinny in the valley below. I'll bring some violets and a new radio.
    » Callie Cat
    Callie Cat Callie Cat can bake a cake and cover it with candy. Callie cat can bake some cornbread. Callie is so handy! Callie bakes some cupcakes, too. Her cupcakes are so cakey. Callie bakes some cookies, too. Her cookies are so flaky.
    » Pippa Pig
    Pippa Pig Pippa had a party for porcupine. Panda and Penguin came to dine. Pippa served pizza and pasta, too. Pieces of peaches and a pickle stew.
    » Gertie Goose
    Gertie Goose Gertie Goose, Gertie Goose, Guards the garden gate. So Goat can't come and gobble up the goodies in her crate.
    » Fifi Fish
    Fifi Fish Find Fifi fish in the sea. Then count all the fishies you see. Fifi and the fishes have some fun. Oh, what a family!
    » Larry Lion
    Larry Lion Larry Lion likes lollipops. Larry Lion likes lemon drops. Larry Lion likes lentil stew. Larry Lion likes lasagna, too. Larry Lion likes liver for lunch, Topped with lettuce, crunch, crunch, crunch!
    » Keely Kangaroo
    Keely Kangaroo Keely Kangaroo And Keely's kiddie, too. Will fly a kite and kick a ball, And play a big kazoo.
    » Queenie Queen
    Queenie Queen Queenie has qualified to run in the race. She'll run very quickly to keep up the pace. Queenie is quite fit. She'll stretch for a while. Queenie will not quit. She'll run every mile.
    » Andy Apple
    Andy Apple Andy Apple is an acrobat. Andy can jump way over his mat. Ant can catch him just like that! Andy Apple is an acrobat.
    » Dudley Duck
    Dudley Duck Oh look at that dandy duck, Dudley. Dudley will dig all day long. Dudley will dive in the water. And Dudley will dance to this song.
    » Zelda Zebra
    Zelda Zebra Zelda Zebra likes to zoom. She zooms with zest. Zelda Zebra zigzags too. She does her best. Zelda Zebra makes one big Z. Zelda Zebra zips right past me!
    » Iggy Iguana
    Iggy Iguana Iggy has some friends you know. They are itsy bitsy. Find the insect and the inchworm. They are Fritz and Mitzi! All the friends play instruments. Their music will delight you. Now it's time for Iggy's show. Indeed he will invite you!
    » Ozzy Octopus
    Ozzie Octopus This past October, Ozzie had a big brunch. Oscar the catfish swam over to munch. Ozzie the octopus made an omelet or two. Ollie the otter made hot olive stew.
    » Mr. X-Ray
    Mr. X-Ray Look at Mr. X-Ray. What do you see? I see Mr. X-Ray smiling at me. X is for x-ray that I spy. X comes before the letter Y.
    » Willy Worm
    Willy Worm Willy Worm, Willy Worm, wanders all around. Willy likes to wink and wave and wiggle on the ground. Willy Worm, Willy Worm, Willy pulls some wood. Willy pulls a watermelon. It will taste so good!
    » Yetta Yo-Yo
    Yetta Yo-Yo Yetta Yo-Yo can yawn on cue. Yetta Yo-Yo can yell, "Yoo-hoo!" Yetta Yo-Yo can yodel, too. Yetta wants to know what you can do.
    » Edna Elephant
    Edna Elephant I am Edna Elephant. Watch me play. I play with Ed Elk every day. When we sit beneath a big elm tree, We will have some eggs and tea.
    » Jumping Jill
    Jumping Jill Jumping Jill can jump so high. Jill can jump in warm July. Jumping Jill can jump so low. Jill can jump for joy, you know. Join her in a jumping game. As you jump, call out her name.
    » Umbie Umbrella
    Umbie Umbrella Umbie Umbrella keeps us dry in the rain. Umbie Umbrella will never complian. We stand under Umbie, until we see sun. Then we thank Umbie for a job that's well done.

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