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Language Arts » Theme 2- Celebrating Traditions » Anthony Reynoso: Born to Rope

Anthony Reynoso: Born to Rope
An appealing picture-book biography about a nine-year-old Mexican Rodeo charro (cowboy) who lives in a small town outside of Phoenix. In addition to discussing roping practice and competition, Anthony Reynoso tells of his school, his Mexican American and Yaqui Indian town, and his close-knit family. The first-person narrative is slightly disjointed, but very childlike in its orientation and descriptions. The sharp, clear full-color photographs show the boy engaged in a mixture of traditional Mexican activities (hitting a piñata at a birthday party) and typical American pastimes (collecting basketball cards).

Anthony Reynoso: Born to Rope
Anthony- Theme 2, Selection 2
Quia - Vocabulary
Anthony Reynoso Vocabulary Puzzle
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Test Tutor
Slide Rock Web Site
A Mexican Rodeo Photos
Town of Guadalupe, Arizona

Reading Counts
Points: 2
Lexile Level: 600
Level 34-38

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