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Map Skills WebQuest » Physical and Political Maps

Physical and Political Maps

Physical and Political Maps

Physical maps- show country borders, major cities and significant bodies of water. Physical maps also show the location of landforms like deserts, mountains, plains, rivers and lakes. These types of landfoms are not included on political maps. The water is usually shown in blue. Colors are used to show differences in land elevations. Green is typically used at lower elevations, and orange or brown indicate higher elevations.
Let's look at a physical map.

Get the Physical and Political Map Worksheet and get ready to answer some questions.
Click HERE to see a physical map and answer the questions on your worksheet.

Political maps- do not show physical features. Instead, they show state and national boundaries and capital and major cities. A capital city is usually marked with a star within a circle.
Political maps usually include significant bodies of water.
Think about what you saw on the physical map, and now look at the same countries on the political map.

Click HERE to see the political map, and answer the questions on the Physical and Political Map Worksheet.

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