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AP English Resources

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The Stanger

For Week of April 22
For Wednesday
Read and mark up the Henry IV prompt (below) and Helen/To Helen prompt. You will write one for Friday.

for Monday Read: TS Eliot "The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock:
available on line
1.  Memorize these opening lines.
Let us go then, you and I, 
When the evening is spread out against the sky 
Like a patient etherized upon a table; 
Let us go, through certain half-deserted streets, 
The muttering retreats 
Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels 
And sawdust restaurants with oyster-shells: 

2. Write your own metaphor/simile comparing some aspect of weather or other natural phenomenon to an animal, as Eliot does with the fog and cat. Create a mood. 4-6 lines. 

3.  Read the questions for the poem that are attached below. There are many questions here. Many. Focus on the big questions. Be able to discuss the passages listed at the bottom. Use the long list of questions to guide your second and third readings and to ...

4. Write two pages (400) on the poem. Yup, if I owe you for your after school work, you can collect here by not writing....but you still have to read and reread and memorize. 

For Week of APril 15:
Monday: Peer edit the complete Camus etc essay. 
Tuesday/Wednesday: Writing (more on wordiness [complete ex 4 on page 525 in purple book], integrating quotations and thesis statements from last essay). Round two of peer review. Practice AP exam, multiple choice.
Thursday: Read Abridged version of Sartre Existentialism Is A Humanism below.
(Note: From the essays that I have read, I think that many of you could use a voice of authority to back up your claims about existentialism. This is a good source. In any case you must read.)
Friday: I wil be gone. Class project TBA

For Week of APril 8.
Monday: Finish discussion of The Stranger and The Myth of Sisyphus.
Tuesday: Write in class on The Stranger. The essay topic will be one of the three on your Stranger essay sheet. (The essay assignment is also below under Camus Existentialism essay.) PLEASE DO NOT write on The Stranger movie that I have posted to the right, but do click on larger image to see read the film description.
Wednesday: Sorry, but you must write again. We begin working on the ap essay and we will use this in-class essay as a baseline and as a training vehicle for the scoring rubric.  Because it will be done in-class, you can get out of it.
Thursday. Go over in-class essay.
Friday: New York Times Crossword on the theme literary terms.  Prizes for winning team. 

For Week of April 1.
This week will will discuss Man's Search for Meaning and the Stranger. I strikes me that these books have different attitudes toward hope as a source of meaning. I am interested in what you think. 
The reading is due Monday, but instead on Monday we will focus on writing and copy editing. For real life practice we will give the yearbook a last edit. We will also practice editing paragraphs for clarity. Anyone interested in a type of extra credit (either points toward final, getting out of a class presentation, or getting out of one of the many in-class essays we are about to write, or that sort) is invited to continue their copy editing after school. I will be there till midnight. We will set up our discussion of the books by raising questions we can come back to through the week.  
Tuesday/Wednesday: Discuss Man's Search for Meaning
Thursday/Friday: Discuss The Stranger. One day this week we will write on The Stranger (AP style essay). You will also write a short paper (500-600 words) connected the two works.
Next Monday: Bring with you to class a short essay 500=600 words that connects a scene in The Stranger With MSFM. 


To finish some yearbook pages, we are looking for:
  Anyone who has had a traffic ticket they would be willing to write a few senteces about.
   Anyone with a job, who has a photo of themselves on the job. 
   Anyone outside AP English (sorry all, but maybe you know a friend for this) who has interesting plans for after high school
   Anyone who would like to be quoted about school dances.
   Anyone with a car that we can photograph 
(I am especially looking for people who are not in the book repeatedly, not counting senior picture or ads). 

For Week of March 18
For Monday finish part 1 of Maus. In class check out Man's Search for Meaning. Finish Maus for Thursday. Finish The Stranger and Man's Search For Meaning by the end of Spring Break. Thursday after Spring break we will have a quiz on ALL LITERARY TERMS
For Tuesday/Wed. 
Review style guide for parallelism. Do parallelism worksheet

For Thursday do the wordiness worksheet
wordiness sentence revision

For March 11
FOR FRIDAY READ "THE GUEST" Get the text below or google camus "The Guest"
If you cannot open my file on existentialism below you can get a very short summary of the main ideas of the philosophical movement here.
For Monday March 18 read The First Part of Maus
For Thursday March 21 Finish Maus
Before Returning from spring break read Camus's The Stranger  and Man's Search for Meaning
On Thursday after Break we will have a test on all literary terms
For Week of March 4
For Monday Read through chapter 33
For Tuesday Read through chapter 36
For Wednesday Read through chapter 39 
For Thursday finish the book. 

Monday Reading Quiz on chapters 26-33.

For Week of Feb 25:
For Monday have read through Chapter 25 of Catch 22. Keep reading two chapters a night.  
Keep studying fiction and form literary terms.  
Catch 22 essay No. 1 on close reading for theme is due Tuesday or block day.  

Close Reading of passages from Joseph Heller’s novel Catch-22

These essay will require writers to focus on short passages, which they must read and reread and annotate and think upon. Close reading is the foundation of literary criticism and a skill that is essential in college and many professional fields.  One essay requires thinking about theme as it is presented in a short passage. The other focuses on characterization. Both essays are drawn from AP prompts, thus also provide preparation for the exam.

Before beginning read the instructions on close reading at these college web sites:

> “How to do a close reading” from Harvard

> “Close Reading of a Literary Passage” from Prof. Henderson of Carson-Newman College.

> A good example of a close reading essay can be found on the Claremont Graduate University web site

For each prompt below you must select three possible passages from three separate chapters. For each passage write a one-page journal entry/quick write informally noting the either the satire or the attitude toward the character. You need to bring these journals/quick writes to class with your rough draft.  For the passage you select to write on you must copy the pages and mark them up, noting literary devices, structure and anything else of interest.  Bring this with your rough draft.  Rough drafts must be a complete essay and typed. You may revise one essay after grading—but only if you complete all prewriting and drafting requirements. 

Each essay must be in MLA format. You need a clear, argumentative thesis. Each paragraph must have at least two short, aptly chosen quotations. A successful close reading essay will weave in frequent evidence from the text. Failure to follow exact rules for MLA format and quotation punctuation will result in a 10 percent penalty for each infraction. Review the list of words to avoid and advice on avoiding wordiness at Purdue OWL ( and UVIC (

Essay 1. Select a short passage (1-3 pages) from Catch-22 that is rich in satire and social commentary. Then write a three-page essay (700-1000 words) analyzing how Heller uses literary devices to make a social commentary.  (The task in this prompt is drawn from the 2004 AP English Lit exam.)

 A complete rough draft is due for peer editing on: Block day 2/27-7

The final draft is due in class and on on: Block day 3/5-6

Essay 2. Select a short passage (1-2 pages) from Catch-22 in which one or two characters (and no more) are presented through description and action. Reread the passage with a critical eye. Then in a well-developed three-page essay (700-1000 words) discuss how the narrator’s style reveals his attitude toward the person or people he describes.  

A complete rough draft is due for peer editing on:  Block day March 5/6

The final draft is due in class and on on: Bock day March 12/13

Note: On Monday March 4 there will be a test on all “narrative” and “form” terms on you literary terms list. At the end of Catch-22 there will be an in-class essay on the book as a whole. Expect one additional essay on a passage from the book. 

For Week of Feb 10
For Monday, read through Chapter 8 in Catch 22. Read two chapters a night as we go through the week. 
For Block write a journal on the section of Catch 22 your group worked on. WHat is the theme. How does the development of the character develop the theme. 
For Friday, write one page journal on how the logic of catch 22 applies to the book after chapter 10.
Period 5 and 6 rosters are below.

For Week of Feb 4:
For Monday. Short Story + 3 poems are due. Reminder, you needed to read/listen to short stories on the NPR web site (search: NPR 3 minute fiction) or click here. Good advice is also available at this wikihow on writing a short story. Your own story should have a clear voice. Create a character or two who we care about and feel we know from what you show us. Show don't tell. What conflict or obstacle does your protagonist face? You need this problem to draw us in, build suspense, show us something about the human condition.  Your story can be funny or serious. Realistic or fantastic. But you need to make your readers buy into to story for 3 minutes. Final stories are due Thursday. 

For Tuesday: Have read "A Modest Proposal" and the TC Boyle story, "Top of the Food Chain," in your anthology. For "A Modest Proposal" read the description of types of persuasive appeals on the page before the story and then write a journal page in which you note two each of logical, emotional and ethical appeals. Also on that page: What is the purpose of this essay? Who is the audience and what is Swift trying to accomplish.  

For Thursday: >Read Mahoney Teacher's Swiftian Proposal under articles page on this web site. Go back to home page; it's right below AP English resources. Question: Who are the audiences of this piece and how does an awareness of audience affect the argument? > Final draft of short story due.  > Read Heller Catch 22 chapters one and two. 

For Friday, read Catch 22 chapters three and four. All Catch 22 presentations are on Friday. Be excellent. 

For Monday: Read Catch 22, chapters five-eight. 

Correct poetry test.  

For Week of Jan 28. 
Monday: Write in class 2004-Question 1: Night Poems. At home for homework read the rubric for this prompt or the generic rubric. Read and score the 9 sample essays for 2004 Question 1.  There is an essay for each score 1-9. Write the scores in your journal. For which ever essay you scored 9 right a journal entry on what made it a 9 and specifically what separated it from the 8. We will go over this on Wednesday. 

For Tuesday: Revise your sonnet. Bring in metaphor poem. Read the introduction to the ballad on page 108 of your anthology. Read Lord Randall on page 109. Read Dylan Thomas intro and poems. Pay special attention to background notes on Elegy (1056) and Villanelle (1058). Be very ready to discuss "Do Not Go Gently Into THat Goodnight."  Your test on poetry is Friday. Get Catch 22. 
For Wednesday: Read/score/write about the sample essays. Read and respond in twho pages to 
Read on line the round 9 winner of the NPR three minute fiction contest.
And the winner from two years ago "Little Husein"
And this 2011 story, "The Gym"
Plus two other stories, at least. 
Finish Virtalit assignment on the "The Fish." Take two pages to engage the poem while answering some or all of the questions.  

Tuesday: Discuss Ballads and Dylan Thomas. AP Multiple choice.
Homework: Begin practice exam at home. 

Wednesday: Discuss Scores. Discuss The Fish. 

For Week of Jan. 21
Monday MLK Day
Tuesday: Have Read for class, Intro to Romanticism, All Wordsworth, Shelly: Ozamandias, Ode to West Wind; Coleridge: Kubla Kahn. 
In class discuss romanticism + poets
Wednesday: Continue with Romantic poets. Read for Thursday all Keats +Keats bio. YOu will be assigned short-short story project, sonnet and metaphor project.
Thursday: Continue Romantics
Friday: Continue Romantics. Sonnet due. Check out Catch 22.

Discuss Wordsworth
Wednesday" Wordsworth 

Welcome back. 
Congratulations on all your accomplishments in the first semester. You have accomplished a lot over the past few months. Going back to the summer you have read 8 books (Bible, 100 Years of Solitude, Hamlet, Much Ado About Nothing, Wuthering Heights, Heart of Darkness, Things Fall Apart and The Importance of Being Earnest), plus short stories poems and essays. You have written 20 pages of formal/revised essays, including a 5 page research paper, as well as journals and in-class essays. You have certainly done college-level work and are prepared for actual college writing. And what makes this all the more remarkable is that you did all this with the prospect that the world would end on Dec. 21, and none of it would matter anyway. Well, here we are ready to start your last semester of high school, so best wishes. 

Week of 1/8.
Tuesday: College Alumni day library
Wednesday: In class poetry essay. 
Homework for Thursday: Read Frost "the road not taken" and "stopping by the woods on a snowy evening." For each poem write a half page journal entry on what the poem is about and what you notice about technique. For Friday: After writing on "Stopping" read Ciardi's essay "The Way of the Poem." This is a handout and also available below in resources. Mark the essay up. Highlight and write notes on it. Also write at least one journal page on what you learned from the essay, what you found interesting and/or what questions it raised. For Monday: Read: Mowing, Tuft of Flower, Birches, Mending Wall, Nothing Gold Can Stay. All available on
Thursday: Discuss Frost's "Road" and "Stopping." We begin with your journals. Bring them. 
Friday: We discuss Ciardi and look at one or two other Frost poems. Additional homework: Write poem due in one week. Detail in class. 

Week of 1/15
Monday: Discuss Frost poems.See homework from last Wednesday Frost AP prompt discussion. Homework: Read Frost Death of a Hired Man and Home Burial and Wood Pile.
Tuesday: Frost video. Score Blake AP essay. Homework: In anthology, read intro to romanticism.
Also read 

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    ppt Existentialism (ppt file - 5.07 MB)

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    William Blake poems and prompt 2005

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    2005 exam q and a William Blake poem and Bday party

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    2010 AP Free Response Q-2 Sample essays_ Belinda

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    2010 AP Lit Q2 samples and comments

    pdf ub bible intro (pdf file - 17.80 MB)
    Understanding the Bible introductory chapter

    pdf ub bible torah (pdf file - 4.94 MB)
    Understanding the Bible chapter on the Torah

    pdf The Only Mystery (pdf file - 153 KB)
    Essay on One Hundred Years of Solitude (OYOS)

    doc much ado take home exam (doc file - 25 KB)
    much ado take home exam and prompts for taming

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    Reading Vocabulary Note Card Assignment

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    UC Personal Statement assignment

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    Yellow Wallpaper Secret Sharer essay prompt

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    2004 Q1 Student Sample essays Frost Dickenson Night Poems

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    Mirada satire by Mr. Miller

    pdf period five roster 2013 (pdf file - 6 KB)
    period five roster 2013

    pdf period six roster 2013 (pdf file - 6 KB)
    period six roster 2013

    pdf camus existentialism essay 2013 (pdf file - 54 KB)
    prompt for in class essay and process paper on Camus of existentialism in other works

    docx J Alfred Prufrock questions (docx file - 121 KB)
    J Alfred Prufrock questions

    docx henry iv prompt docx (docx file - 89 KB)
    henry iv prompt docx

    pdf henry iv prompt pdf (pdf file - 58 KB)
    henry iv prompt pdf

    pdf .pdf: You need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5 or higher) for PC or Macintosh to view this file type.
    ppt .ppt file: You need Microsoft PowerPoint to view this file. Download a free PowerPoint viewer for PC or Macintosh.
    doc .doc file: You need the Microsoft Word Program, the free Word Viewer 2003, or a program that can import Word files in order to view this file type.
    ODT This file format is part of the Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) 1.0 specification. is a multiplatform and multilingual office suite and an open-source project. Compatible with all other major office suites. The product is free to download, use, and distribute. Please visit for a free download.
    docx .docx file: You need the Microsoft Word 2007 Program or the free Word Viewer 2003 and Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word 2007 File Formats to view this file type.

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