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Mr. McAllister » Guitar Syllabus

Guitar Syllabus

Casa Roble High School

Guitar Course Syllabus


Instructor: Mr. McAllister

Textbook: Jerry Snyder’s Guitar School Vol. 1 [ISBN 0-88284-901-8]

    Each student must purchase the textbook either on their own or through the school

Materials: Six string acoustic guitar (NO electric guitars)

Grade Level: 9 - 12?

Course Credit: 5 credits per semester?

Prerequisite: none

Course Outline:

This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop and refine technical skills, which will enable them to perform basic guitar music. Students will experience repertoire from several historical periods, study the characteristics of each period, and learn the correct styles of performance. A variety of traditional music forms are examined. Basic skills of guitar, such as, strumming, strumming with rhythm patterns, chord symbol recognition, note reading, ensemble performance, major and minor scales, and the study and performance of arpeggios are included. Written projects in the areas of music history, performance critiques, and musical composition, etc., may be used to reinforce other areas of the curriculum. Skills in the criticism of musical performance continue to be developed. Rhythmic dictation, singing, written reflections, and experiences at musical composition and/or arranging may be included

Course Outcomes:

The student will be able to:

Follow classroom rehearsal procedures

Learn and play-off assignments from the textbook

Meet individual responsibilities for care & maintenance of their instrument

Recognize and play various standard guitar chords

Read and perform basic musical notation

Demonstrate basic competencies of music performance in the areas of tone production and intonation

Perform music of various genres, styles, cultures, and different historical periods employing the correct style and performance practices for each

Demonstrate basic skills in harmony, structure, form and musical composition as they may relate to a particular piece of music

Tune a guitar with only a pitch of reference

Evaluate live musical performances and professional recordings, using musical criteria

Demonstrate mature musical judgment in selecting music for performance and leisure activities.


Grading Policy


Classroom Performance – 90% of the grade

All students will be graded on attainment of the outcomes listed on the course syllabus page.  Throughout the course of daily instruction, students will be required to demonstrate and/or actively engage in:

Appropriate posture when playing guitar

Appropriate listening skills when following directions from instructor

Appropriate tone on instrument

Proper music reading skills

Appropriate behavior when working with peers and in small groups

Appropriate musicality skills (i.e. – dynamics, accents, stylistic considerations

Students must always have their instrument and music for class.  Board of Education guidelines on excused and unexcused absences will be strictly adhered. 


Preparation of assignments  10%

Music is learned on a daily basis. Students are responsible for adequately preparing all materials assigned in class. If class time is inadequate for learning the assignments, it is strongly encouraged that students practice at home. Students should be prepared to pass off an average of three assignments per week. Grades are available through SNAPGRADES.


Grading Scale

A+       98 – 100                                   C+         78 – 79.9

A         93 – 97.9                                   C          73 – 77.9

A-        90 – 92.9                                  C-          70 – 72.9

B+       88 – 89.9                                  D+         68 – 69.9

B         83 – 87.9                                   D          63 – 67.9

B-        80 – 82.9                                   D -        60 – 62.9

                                                               F         59.9 or lower


Tardy Policy

You are tardy if you are not in your assigned seat when the bell rings

You are tardy if you forget your admit slip.

You are tardy, if your guitar is not in “rest position” when I am taking roll or giving instruction


1st Tardy: No action, my gift to you – one time per term.

2nd tardy: Parents are notified

3rd Tardy: Work Study

4th Tardy: Work Study

5th Tardy: referral to V.P.


Permission and Passes

Permission is necessary to leave the classroom for any reason.

Passes to the restroom are not necessary, because we are right next-door to both restrooms.

Passes to Attendance and all other areas are required.


Make-up work and extra credit

All students are required to do the assigned work.

Assignments must be completed by the end of the grading period.

There is no make – up work other than the original assignments.

There is no extra credit work to replace missing assignments.


Other Policies

School policies are followed: no listening devises, no wearing hats or hoods in class, etc.

No toys or other distractions are allowed in class.

No electric guitars or amplification devices.



Questions about the course, grades, student behavior or any other pertinent subject are best address by email to:



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