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Effective August 25, 2013: 

This page is no longer being updated. 

All homework and resources will now be placed on the new Schoology page (and app) for my classes. 

  1. Go to or install the Schoology App on your device.
  2. Click on "sign up" in the upper right corner.
  3. Paste in the code for your level of French:
    1. French 1: 9SCT5-MCCDT
    2. French 3: 5PGW8-PXGV6
    3. French 4: 4CHTZ-5WN3S
    4. French AP: BD5HN-97FXS
  4. Click "continue"
  5. Complete the information requested, including a valid email address (see me if you need to learn how to create an email account).
  6. NOTE: you create the password. I will not have a copy of it. You will need your email address and your password to log in to Schoology. Please be sure to note your email and password somewhere where you will be able to find them if you forget them in the future.
  7. Check your email for a message from Schoology and "validate" your address.
With this new site, you will be able to complete some assignments directly in the site, receive private feedback from me, share resources you have found with your classmates, and much more easily find the resources I have provided to accompany each unit in each level. These resources include copies of the lesson material presented in class, additional practice opportunities, and authentic videos, audio and texts using the material we are learning and practicing at any given time. 

Welcome to the Web site for the classes of Madame Naditz.

Explore the menu on the left and the links at the top right for resources.

Online flashcards!

Go to Scroll down to “subjects” on the left and look at the cards created for French 1, French 2, French 3, and French 4 (also good for AP).  When the list appears, pick the topic you would like to study and let the program do the rest: traditional flashcards, games with the vocabulary on the cards, and even a test to see how you're doing. You can even export the flashcards to your computer or smartphone! Feel free to use class lists from other levels of French to get ahead or to review material you learned earlier.

New feature: Multiplayer Quizlet...choose this option and play (review) with a classmate!

A view into our classes and activities:

Make your own slide show at Animoto.

Tour the web site

This web site is packed with information! Watch this 5-minute video guiding you through the resources you can find on this web site.


Listen to Mme Naditz and others discussing the importance and benefits of language study on Capital Public Radio March 17, 2009.

Course Descriptions


French 2


Students will continue to build on the foundation begun in French 1. They will add several new vocabulary themes, including descriptions, foods/cuisine, sports and hobbies and daily routine. In addition, they will begin to learn more complex sentence structures that will enable them to talk about events that already happened and to refer to people and things that have already been mentioned. They will continue to develop knowledge of the cultural products, practices and perspectives of the French-speaking world.

French 3

In French 3, students will review previously-learned material and learn how to talk about things that will and could happen, how to narrate stories in the past, and how to express their will and wishes.  At the end of this year, students will have all of the tools needed to communicate at an early intermediate level about a variety of topics.  They will continue to develop knowledge of the cultural products, practices and perspectives of the French-speaking world.

French 4/AP

In French 4 and AP, students review previously-learned material and build upon it to use more sophisticated features of the language in communicative situations while perfecting their control over basic grammatical structures. In addition, students will work to greatly expand their vocabulary.  At the end of this year, students will have all of the tools needed to communicate at an intermediate level about a variety of topics. AP students also receive specific instruction and practice in each part of the AP language exam to be taken in May.  They will focus on deepening their knowledge of the cultural products, practices and perspectives of the French-speaking world.

Other resources on this site

  • Remember that the textbook has a companion web site. Students can find additional practice and quizzes (with immediate feedback) and also flash cards with pronunciation and activities. Click on "My Links" (top right of the Web page) and then scroll to your class and click on "Classzone" (for levels one through three). Level 4 students have already created accounts on the web site that accompanies their textbook and AP students also have accounts for their textbook and also for their workbooks. They will at times be assigned homework that is submitted directly to me via this web site.

  • Additional resources are also available at "my links", including streaming audio and video to perfect students' listening comprehension.

Contact me!

  • Feel free to contact me with questions, comments, or concerns.

Happy surfing! 



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