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Child Development Class Period 1 & 2 Child Development Class Period 1 & 2
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Child Development Class Period 1 & 2 » Final Term Portfolio

Final Term Portfolio
Portfolios are developed the last 2 weeks of the term

A Child Development Portfolio:  Students develop this as their final project of the term.  After completing a series of assignments, they organize and present portfolios during the final testing period. 

Contents include, although are not limited to:

  1. Title page
  2. Table of contents
  3. Letter of Introduction
  4. Resume with 3 references
  5. Related Certificates
  6. Favorite Preschool Activity Lesson Plan
  7. 3 parts Evidence of:  Favorite Preschool Activity:  Specific back up, Concepts, Photos
  8. Written summary of Lesson Plans
  9. Advanced Students update parts and include additional lesson plans

Final Presentation 200 Pts:

  1. Must be typed
  2. Organize contents according to grade sheet
  3. Must be in a presentation binder or secure folder (loose pages unacceptable)
  4. Oral Presentation




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