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Algebra 2 - Semester 1 Final Exam Review

Please check out the files below for exercises and answers to all the exercises you will need to prepare for the semester 1 final exam in Algebra 2.

The document named Algebra 2 Review for the Semester 1 Final Exam ought to be printed.  It is a one-page document with the suggested semester 1 review questions.  The answer document named End of Book Extra Practice Answers Chp 1-14 is 47 pages long, so in the interest of conservation, it might be better to view the file on your screen instead of printing the whole thing.

Algebra 2 - Semester 2 Final Exam Review

The files below (which you should download) will help you prepare for the Algebra 2 final exam, semester 2.  The first file is questions from the chapters of semester 2; the other is all the answers to the questions.  I will give you some sort of credit for the work you do to prepare for the final.


In addition to the files below, students ought to be able to do chapter review items from the book on pages 1015 through 1021.  Don’t do the chapter review from chapter 11 on page 1020 since chapter 11 will not be covered in the class or tested on the final.  If you still need more, email me and I’ll see what I can do to give you a few other things to look at and prepare with for the final.

Formula Sheet

The final file is a sheet of formula's you are allowed to have with you during the final exam.  Mr. Pare will give you a fresh sheet of formulas on the day of the final. Good luck and study hard.

Note: Plan to spend more than just a few hours in preparation for the final exam.  Break your studying into smaller bits so you can retain it easier.  Don't try to cram everything into one massive study session.

Related Files

    doc Algebra 2 Review for the Semester 1 Final Exam (doc file - 23 KB)
    This file contains a book assignment to prepare for the semester 1 final exam in Algebra 2.

    pdf End of Book Extra Practice Answers Chp 1 - 14 (pdf file - 1.67 MB)
    This file is 47 pages and has all the answers to the extra practice questions on pp. 1010 to 1023.

    doc Algebra review for the Semester 2 Final Exam (doc file - 23 KB)
    A word document with items students should review for the semester 2 final exam.

    doc Answers for the smester 2 final exam review. (doc file - 62 KB)
    This Word doc has answers for the semester 2 review for the final exam.

    doc Algebra 2 Formulas for the Semester or Term Final Exam (doc file - 21 KB)
    This file is a formula sheet you can use during the final exam.

    pdf .pdf: You need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5 or higher) for PC or Macintosh to view this file type.
    doc .doc file: You need the Microsoft Word Program, the free Word Viewer 2003, or a program that can import Word files in order to view this file type.

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