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Del Paso Manor » Del Paso Manor School Rules

Del Paso Manor School Rules


School Expectations for Student Behavior-High 5's

Be Respectful

Student Expectations:

Treat others as they would like to be treated
Speak politely and appropriately to all adults and students
Refrain from the use of name calling, put downs, and/or ethnic/racial/sexual slurs
Treat property and/or objects with care
Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
Walk in all hallways in a quiet and orderly manner

Be Responsible

Student Expectations:

Learn and follow the school rules

Be responsible for your own behavior

Report all unsafe behavior and dangers to an adult

Think before acting

Turn in all assignments when due

Be ready to learn

Be Safe

Student Expectations: Refrain from causing injury or pain to another person.

In the classroom

Be in classrooms only when a teacher is present
Keep hands off other students; stay in your own space
Keep chair legs on the floor
Use sharp objects with care
Follow directions for use of equipment

In the Halls, Sidewalks, Passing Areas

Walk quietly and face forward
Carry a pass from the office or your teacher when in the hallways

On the Playground

Stay in supervised areas only
Remain on school grounds until given consent by school authorities or an authorized release from parents
Walk to class line when the bell rings.  Hold all playground equipment or return to the designated area.
Do not participate in tag games and play fighting
Do not touch, grab or hit other students when playing running games
Refrain from rough play and keep hands and feet to yourself
Notify an adult if a ball goes on the roof or over the fence
Leave personal equipment such as bats, hard balls, skateboards, rollerblades, rollerskate shoes or scooters at home
Leave sand, wood chips, rocks, dirt clods, sticks or landscape debris on the ground
Follow DPM safe equipment rules (see below)

In the Cafeteria

Walk at all times
Pick up all trash
Eat and touch only your own food
Sit facing the table, bottom on the bench, feet on the floor
Stay in your seat until dismissed

In the Bathrooms

Keep water and soap in the sinks
Report problems to adults
Use bathrooms and leave promptly

At Assemblies

Keep hands and feet to yourself
Walk at all times
Wait for an adult’s signal to leave

Arrival and Dismissal Areas

Wait in designated areas
Walk at all times
Walk bikes
Watch for cars
Use the crosswalks
Report to the office if your ride has not arrived by 2:45 P.M.

On the Bus

Remain seated while the bus is in motion
Do not extend any part of the body out of windows at any time
Wait only at designated bus stops

To and From School

Walk to school with others, if possible
Walk on sidewalks or close to the curb
Look both ways when crossing, and always use the crosswalks
If approached by a stranger, shout and run to the nearest safe place such as a business or school
Report any suspicious or unsafe activities to the principal or a teacher


Be Ready to Learn

Student Expectations:

Arrive at school on time every day
Come to school with a positive attitude
Listen respectfully to teachers and other students
Follow all directions carefully the first time asked
Complete all class work and homework, and turn it in on time
Participate in class and/or group discussions and ask questions respectfully
Make up any assignments missed due to absence
Leave toys, cards, and sports equipment at home
Leave playground issues and problems outside

Be There

Student Expectations:

Attend each day and be on time. The first learning bell rings at 7:56 A.M.
Arrive no earlier than 7:35 a.m. unless eating breakfast or arrangements have been made with your teacher.  Leave school grounds by foot, bicycle, or car within five minutes of dismissal unless attending an after-school program.  Supervision is not provided for students prior to 7:45 a.m. or after 2:40 p.m.
Line up immediately when the bell rings before school and after each recess
Use restrooms and return to playground or classroom promptly
Be attentive to direct instruction by the teacher, be an active listener, and actively participate in learning activities
Be courteous to all staff, parents and peers, and be helpful to them when they need help
Show pride in yourself, your peers, and in your school
Make a positive contribution to DPM and its surrounding community

Rules for Games and Equipment

All games are open. Follow safety rules when using equipment.

Students waiting to swing will allow 2 get-going swings, 20 full swings with forward as the first count, and 2 stopping swings.
Students may not stand on the swing seats or climb on the chains or poles.
Students are not permitted to use fly-off dismounts.


Only one student may be on the slide at a time.
Only one student may be on the ladder at one time.
Students must line up to wait a turn.
Students may not climb up or stand on the slide



Students should move in one direction only on the horizontal bars.
Students cannot sit on top of the horizontal bars.
Students may go down and back on the rings.

Ball Games

All games are open to all students.
No hard balls, such as golf balls are allowed on the playground.
Football games must be played on the grassy area and be limited to “touch”.
Tag games and chasing are not allowed on the blacktop area
Four Square, tetherball and kickball will be played using school adopted rules.

Bicycles, Skateboards and Scooters

Bicycles and Scooters

Students are to walk bikes/scooters while on school grounds.  Students are to park, lock bikes/scooters and leave the area immediately.  Bike racks are off limits during recess time.

Skateboards and Roller Skates/Blades

These items are not to be brought to school or used on the school grounds before or after school.

Consequences and Positive Incentives

Students who do not follow school rules will be subject to progressive disciplinary action.    Consequences may include warnings, time out within the classroom, time out in another classroom, loss of recess time, being sent to the office, and calls home. More serious behavior may result in a PASS (on-site) or home suspension for one or more days. A list of behaviors that may result in suspension based upon Ed Code is included in your information folder. Our goal is not to punish students, but teach them expected behaviors that are safe, respectful and responsible.  Reinforcing expected behaviors with positive incentives is the most effective way to encourage students to follow school rules and develop intrinsic motivation to do well behaviorally and academically.  Positive behaviors are reinforced in the classroom, playground, cafeteria and throughout the school.

Monthly Pizza with the Principal

Each month, DPM will focus on modeling/teaching one of the character traits identified by the District’s Strategic Plan (Strategy 6) which aligns with DPM’s Strategic Plan (Tactic 2).  Students who demonstrate the identified character trait will be eligible to participate in a monthly positive citizen lunch with a friend and the principal.  Pizza luncheons will take place the first Friday of every month.



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