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San Juan
Del Paso Manor
2700 Maryal Drive
Sacramento, CA 95821
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Del Paso Manor » Parent Handbook

Parent Handbook

Del Paso Manor Elementary School

Parent Handbook

Del Paso Manor's Strategic Plan Mission Statement

Valuing a culturally and academically diverse community, Del Paso Manor Elementary School's mission is to educate and inspire each student to develop a strong academic foundation that supports life-long learning and responsible citizenship by providing intellectually challenging instruction while promoting integrity and critical thinking.

By 2014, all students will increase their academic proficiency using technology and 21st century skills such as problem solving, collaboration and critical thinking.
All students will develop and consistently demonstrate strategies necessary to expand their learning and knowledge for continuing personal growth

All students will develop and consistently demonstrate personal integrity, responsible behavior and exemplary citizenship
Students will develop and apply knowledge and understanding of cultures representing our diverse community



We will establish and fully implement a school wide articulated and standards aligned curriculum that will actively engage students with instructional strategies that integrate technology, the arts and additional enrichment opportunities in a unified, collaborative 21st century learning community.

We will identify, model and engage our students in activities that promote personal integrity, responsible behavior and exemplary citizenship on a local and global level.

We will embrace and actively involve students, families and other members of our diverse community to contribute in the educational process to achieve our mission.

Arrival and Departure-Students

Playground supervision begins at 7:45 a.m.  Students are not expected to be on campus prior to 7:45 am unless they are eating breakfast or have made arrangements with their teacher for tutoring and/or to take an assessment.  Once on campus students are not to leave without written permission from home.  All students are expected to go home promptly after dismissal or report to the after-school program in which h/she is registered. 

Arrival and Departure Procedures

We need all parent/guardians’ assistance and support to ensure every student is safe during the arrival and dismissal process.  Please enter and exit the parent/guardian pick-up lot on Maryal Drive with caution.  It is crucial vehicles follow the direction of traffic.  Please pull your car forward to allow the maximum number of cars to utilize space and DO NOT LEAVE YOUR VEHICLE UNATTENDED.  If you choose to walk your student to the blacktop, please park in a designated visitor or unmarked parking space.  Please do not park in other designated parking space(s) in the front and/or back parking lots.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Attendance and Tardiness-Miss School, Miss Out!

Students are expected to attend school and arrive on time.  Late arrivals must check in at the office before proceeding to class.  If your child is absent, call the attendance line at 575-2329 or send a signed, dated note to school with the reason and date(s) of the absence and your child’s name.  We request that you schedule medical and other appointments for students during non-school hours.  If this is not possible, students must be checked in and out of school at the office.

We are all Here-New 2011!

Each day that every student is on time and present, the class will earn a letter of “We Are All Here.”  Once the class has earned all 12 letters they will have the choice of earning additional music or art or other class prizes.

School Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast    $1.75 (includes milk)
Click here for the San Juan Breakfast Menu

Lunch        $2.75 (includes milk) Click here for the San Juan Salad Bar Lunch Menu

Milk        $0.40

Breakfast and lunch may be purchased daily or you can send cash or a check for a number of meals.  Reduced and free meals are available to students who qualify after completing a Free or Reduced Meal Application form, available at San Juan Central Enrollment, Food Services Department Office, DPM’s school office or online at www.sanjuan.edu/foodservices.

Lost and Found

Students are responsible for their own personal property.  Please mark your children’s coats, sweaters, lunch bags, etc. with their names and room numbers.  Articles found on campus with no identifying marks are kept in our lost and fund box in the entry hall to the MP Room.  Any clothing not claimed is donated to a local charity.  Students are also responsible for classroom books, calculators, etc. assigned to them by their teacher.  Bills will be sent for lost school materials.

Dress Code

Students are expected to dress appropriately in accordance with district and school policy.  Students who come to school inappropriately dressed will be asked to call home for clothing that meets the dress code.

Pants and shorts – Baggy or oversized pants are not permitted.  Pants must fit at the waist and be worn at the waist.  Shorts must reach the fingertips. No sagging is allowed.

Shirts and Tops – Shirts that display inappropriate messages and/or promote alcohol, tobacco, drugs or gangs will not be permitted.  At all times, shirts must cover torso, chest and midriff.  No tube tops, bare midriffs, bare back, or other revealing clothing of any kind is to be worn.  Straps must be at least two inches wide.

Shoes – Flip-flops, clogs, and sandals without heel straps are not permitted.  High heels and other shoes that are not safe for the playground should not be worn.

Hats and Hoods – Hats are to be worn with the bill in the front and only outdoors.  Hoods are to be up only when outdoors.

Field Trip Expectations

The privilege of participating in field trips is earned through appropriate behavior at school and on field trips.  For the safety of all concerned, the classroom teacher has the right to refuse participation in field trips to any student who has demonstrated a disregard for school rules or any of the field trip rules below.  Students must:

Follow teacher and parent chaperone directions as requested.
Maintain high standards of behavior and politeness as representatives of Del Paso Manor School.
Refrain from any dangerous activity at all times.

Parent chaperones must be fingerprinted and will be selected based on the specific field trip requirements and the discretion of the teacher.  Siblings are not allowed to attend school field trips.

Use of Cell Phones at School

Current state law allows students to bring cell phones to school, with written parental permission, for use during an emergency.  Parent permission forms are available in the office and must be completed if a student is in possession of a cell phone on campus.  Cell phones are to be turned off while on the school grounds and are to be kept out of sight at all times while on the school campus.  This includes before and after school.  The school is not responsible for cell phones brought to school and will not be liable for damaged, destroyed or lost cell phones.  Students who do not have a permission form on file, or who do not follow cell phone rules will have phones confiscated.  Parent/guardian will be required to pick up phones should they be confiscated.

Parent Communication

Weekly newsletters are sent home on Fridays.  Upcoming events and information from the PTA, school, principal and district are included.  In addition, teachers regularly send home newsletters highlighting classroom activities and curriculum.   Please visit our website at http://www.sanjuan.edu/DelPasoManor.cfm.  You will find a variety of information about our school as well as school related organizations.

Chat with the Principal – New 2011!

One Friday a trimester families will be invited to have lunch with their student, then enjoy dessert and participate in an open forum with the principal (Tactic 3 of DPM’s Strategic Plan).  The forum’s purpose is to discuss school-wide activities and initiatives.  The forum is not an appropriate venue to discuss individual concerns regarding your student and/or his/her teacher.  Please make an appointment with the principal should any concerns specific to your student arise.

Visiting School

Del Paso Manor welcomes visitors to our school. State law requires that all visitors check in at the office before going to a classroom.  This includes chaperoning on classroom field trips.  Since the teacher is responsible for providing instruction, it is not possible to hold conferences during school hours.  Please call to schedule a meeting so that the teacher has time to assemble materials and information for the conference.  Parents’ help in the classrooms is always welcomed.  Please make arrangements with the teacher beforehand, and remember to sign in at the office.

Homework Practice

Regular homework is a means of extending instructional time, providing necessary practice, and building responsibility.  Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday.  Average daily time for homework is:

            Kindergarten…………..5-15 minutes

            Grades 1, 2, 3…………15-30 minutes

            Grades 4, 5, 6…………30-60 minutes

These times should serve as guidelines and do not include time necessary to complete late or special research reports that are assigned.  Generally, homework is assigned for 10 minutes per grade level. For example, second grade would have an average of 20 minutes of homework per day.

Dispensing Medications at School

No medications can be dispensed at school without an authorization signed by the child’s physician.  This applies to all medications, even over the counter drugs.

Conferences, Report Cards and Progress Notices

Conferences – Parents are expected to conference with the teacher during the fall conference period at the end of November.  A second conference period is scheduled for March for all parents who request a conference, new students, and teacher requests.  Parents are always invited to conference with teachers by request.  Please contact the teacher for an appointment and/or to schedule a conference during the school year.

Report Cards – Report cards are issued at the end of the first and second trimesters, and at the end of the school year. 

Progress Notices – For students experiencing academic or behavior problems, progress notices will be sent home in the middle of each trimester. The purpose of the progress notice is to inform parents of a concern and allow time for the family and teacher to work together to create a plan for success for the student.

Student Emergency Cards

Individual emergency cards for each student are kept on file in both the office and in the child’s classroom.  Please keep these cards current and notify the office immediately if there is a change in your address and/or phone number.  Only individuals listed on the emergency cards may pick up a child from school during the school day.  If arrangements have been made for a different individual to pick up your child, please sent a note permitting the school to release your student to the specified individual.

Emergency Safety Plan

We believe that students need to be taught what to do in the event of an emergency.  Therefore, students will receive instructions on earthquake preparedness, fire drills, intrusion drills, and other emergencies that could threaten student safety.  In the event of a major emergency, a Connect Ed call will be sent and parents will be asked to gather in the Multipurpose Room or an alternative, safe location where students will be released to a parent/guardian at the designated location.  All parent/guardians will be asked to sign their children out so that we can account for all students.  The school’s safety plan is available in the office for community review.


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