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    Family Check-In Meetings

    Special Education to host monthly Virtual Discussion between Families, Administration, and Staff

    Our next Family Check-In Meeting series will occur over the next two weeks.  Our morning meeting will be taking place on Thursday, September 24th from 9-10a, and the evening meeting will be Monday, September 28th, 2020 from 6-7p.  Please click on the corresponding days on the calendar on the right-hand side of this page for the Zoom links. Just a reminder effective August 28, 2020, meetings with students requires authentication. Students (and families) who used Zoom last year have until the 28th to be sure that they “switch” to our San Juan Zoom license so that they will not be locked out of the Zoom live sessions. Support for teachers to turn on authentication for meetings with students on or after August 28 and support for learners and families to switch to the San Juan Zoom license is included in the Distance Learning Hub and also on the "Using Zoom for Live Interactions" and “Zoom Settings” documents. Thank you and we look forward to seeing everyone at our next meeting!

    Family Supports for Students with Disabilities Workshop Series

    Strategies for Success

    Thank you for taking the time to join our De-Escalation Workshop on September 17th, 2020.  Our next meeting in this parent workshop series will be presented in two parts, the first of which is taking place on October 22nd at 6p via Zoom.  This presentation will give families tools to use and implement at home to provide the structure necessary for their student's success.  The second part, scheduled to take place on October 29th at 6p via Zoom, will discuss ways to motivate your student to invest in their education.  Please click on the corresponding dates on our calendar on the right-hand side of this webpage for Zoom information.  We look forward to seeing you there!


    Special Education Department


    The San Juan Unified School District is a single-district Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA). As such, we write and implement our own local plan and we are responsible for our own policies, procedures, and programs. We serve over 4,700 students in a variety of programs from infancy through age twenty-two. We employ over 280 special education teachers and specialists and over 290 instructional assistants and classified staff. Special education programs and services are provided at each of our 80 schools in the District.

    San Juan provides a rich professional learning environment. We invest in training teachers and building teams of experts. Our approach has been to cultivate experts and implement model programs.

    San Juan teaching staff have access to all training and materials available to any other teacher at any site. Special education teachers are included and valued as members of the teaching/learning community. For specialized teachers and students, San Juan maintains a rich Instructional Media Center - a library of special education materials reserved for special education staff. Materials are reviewed, selected, and purchased by teacher committees.

    San Juan school principals receive training in special education. In addition, the District employs 9 program specialists, two program administrators, three assistant directors, and one special education director to coordinate the program. Our District and our staff are truly collaborative.

    San Juan maintains traditional Special Day Class and Resource Specialist programs. In addition, San Juan has cultivated preschool centers, inclusion sites, and specialized cluster programs to serve students with low incidence disabilities.

    Our Human Resources department works with applicants to resolve questions concerning out of state credentials, NCLB compliance, and intern credentials. Our work year, salary and benefits are all comparable. 

  • Department Contact Information

    Special Education Field Office

    4825 Kenneth Avenue

    Carmichael, CA 95608

    Phone: (916) 971-7525

     Vanessa Adolphson; Director
    Adara Gunn; Admin. Asst.
    Megan Hudson; Assistant Director
    Stacy Ahrens; Interim Assistant Director
    Joann Day; Interim Assistant Director/Program Administrator
    Ralph Richardson Center
    Haley Balbi; Secretary
    Program Specialists
    Eric Anderson:  Supports Pasadena, Coyle Ave., Mariposa, Howe Ave., Schweitzer, Grand Oaks, Cambridge Heights, Churchill, Gold River, and Del Paso Manor
    Konstantina Caster: Supports Sierra Oaks, Rio Americano, Del Campo, Charles Peck, Oakview, and Edison
    Laura Davis: Supports Arlington Heights, Barrett, Legette, Skycrest, Trajan, Carmichael, Del Dayo, and Pershing
    Lynne Koerner: Supports Carnegie, Greek Oaks, Pasteur, Casa Roble, and Orangevale Open
    Wendy Lane: Supports Encina, Mariemont, Cameron Ranch, Dewey, Greer, Lichen, Bella Vista, Thomas Kelly, and Whitney
    Jennifer Nelson: Supports all preschool programs, Dyer Kelly, Cowan, and Starr King
    Kim Patalingjug: Supports Carriage, Mission, Northridge, Deterding, Kingswood, Will Rogers, El Camino, Woodside, and Arcade
    Melvin Yee: Supports Sylvan, Mesa Verde, San Juan, Mira Loma, Cottage, Twin Lakes, and Arden
    Program Administrators
    Dayle Cantrall; Program Administrator
    Laurel Ruff Center
    LeAnn Thiele; Secretary
    Sunny Lofton; Program Administrator
    La Vista Center
    Pam Thibodeau; Secretary
    For Special Education records, please send requests to:
    Phone: (916)971-7525; Option 2
    Email: spedsjc@sanjuan.edu
    Records Fax: (916) 979-8580


Special Education Overview (English)






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