Student Hand Book

  • This information is provided to all students in grades K-6 and can be located in the 4-6th grade agenda planners and the Dolphin folders.  Please direct any questions to the office.  Thanks!


    Regular on-time attendance is vital for academic success and required by law.  Students are expected to attend school every day on time.  In case of illness or absence, please notify the school before 9:30 a.m. via the absence hotline (979-8140.)  This is for the safety of your child.  

    Independent Study

    Independent Study may be approved on a case-by-case basis when your child is out of school for a MINIMUM OF FIVE (5) SCHOOL DAYS. The principal will review all requests for Independent Study. All requests must be submitted to the office at least two weeks in advance of the absence. If approved, Independent Study work is due the day the student returns to school, or credit cannot be given. Call the school office if you have a situation which requires that your child be absent from school. Independent Study will not be granted during State testing weeks. (see attached school calendar).


    Breakfast   $1.75   
    Lunch       $2.75
    Milk           $.45              
    Meals may be purchased by writing a check to “Deterding Cafeteria” or by going to  Students without money will be given fruit and milk by the cafeteria.  Free/reduced lunch forms can be picked up from the office.

    Emergency Drills

    Deterding Elementary prepares for emergencies by holding monthly drills during the school day.  If you are at the school during a drill, it is important for you to follow the directions of the staff.
    Fire Drill – Students to evacuate the classroom to designated areas.  Teachers will account for each student then wait for signal to return to classroom.
    Lock-Down Drill – Students are to sit under desks, teachers will close curtains and lock doors.  All students will be counted.  Everyone is to wait until signal of clearance is given.
    Since every emergency situation is different, the most important steps are to get all students safe, accounted for, and then wait for directions.
    In an emergency situation, students will only be released through our procedures to ensure we know the location of each and every student.  We will need the patience, understanding and cooperation of all our parents.

    Parent Volunteers

    Deterding Elementary loves its parent volunteers.  We do ask that each family donates a minimum of 30 hours each school year.  There are many ways to help!

    • Field Trips
    • Book Fair
    • DREAM
    • Book Orders
    • Correcting Papers
    • Copying
    • Helping at Recess
    • Donating Supplies
    • Art Docent
    • Room Parent
    • Tutoring
    • Supporting Fundraisers
    • Art Room Assistance


    School Health & Safety


    • Students’ safety is our first priority.  In order to keep all students safe, the following rules need to be followed:
    • There is supervision of students beginning at 7:30 a.m. before school and until 2:45 p.m.  after school.  Students are not to arrive before 7:30 and must be picked up by 2:45 p.m.  (Exceptions are due to breakfast, choir, clubs, or tutoring.) (1:30 on Thursdays)
    • 4th – 6th grade students who are given parental and administrative permission to ride their bikes must adhere to the Bicycle Safety Rules.  The school office must form.  Bikes need to be walked on campus.  Remember, all bike riders must have helmets per the law.
    • Students may not bring medication to school.  In order for a student to take medication at school, an Authorization form for Administration of Medication must be completed by a doctor and brought to the office with the medication in its original container.  This includes Tylenol, inhalers, and cough medicine/drops.
    • Students must have a pass when in the hallway or visiting the office.
    • All visitors and volunteers must sign in at the office.
    • Skateboards, roller skates, roller blades, toys (including electronic games and trading cards), radios, CD players should not be brought to school.  Items brought may be taken away and held for parent to pick up.
    • Gum and soda are NOT to be brought to school for snack or lunch.  Items will be thrown away.
    • Students arriving late or leaving early must go through the office.
    • According to state law, cell phones may be at school with parental and administrative permission.  The school office must have on file a permission slip.  Cell phones must be off at school to avoid disruption of school.
    • Students will not be allowed to use the school phone except in cases of emergencies.  Phone calls for students will not be transferred to the classroom.  Emergency messages will be taken in the office.


    Dress Code

    High standards of dress promote good citizenship and a positive, wholesome, and safe learning environment.  The appearance of the student body reflects upon the climate of the school.  Students are expected to meet standards of dress and grooming that are acceptable in a positive learning environment.  Teachers and administrators have the discretion in making judgments related to the appropriateness of dress.

    • Footwear must be worn at all times.  Shoes and sandals must have back straps.
    • Hats and dark glasses will not be worn in the classroom.  Students may wear hats outside but baseball caps must be worn in a forward position.
    • Clothes or buttons with printing or pictures depicting tobacco, drugs or alcoholic beverages, or those which are profane, sexually suggestive or depict violence or unlawful acts are unacceptable.
    • Students may not wear any item of clothing, hats, sweatbands, bandanas or other head gear, symbols or devices associated with group intimidation or gang/cult affiliation.
    • Students may not wear garments which excessively bare or expose the midriff/torso such as tank tops, mesh tops, tube tops, half shirts, halters, sleeveless/collarless tops, spaghetti strap tops, etc.  Tops need to be long enough to allow for normal movement without revealing one’s stomach.  Underwear may not be exposed.
    • Students will be allowed to wear tailored, hemmed shorts of finger-tip length.  Swimsuits and cutoffs are not allowed.
    • No sagging allowed.  Pants/shorts must stay at the waist without a belt.
    • Pants must be an appropriate length, not dragging.
    • No object will be worn that is unsafe.  This includes chains, spiked collars, or spiked wristbands.
    • Students may not wear make-up to school.
    • Other concerns will be referred to the principal.


    Deterding Behavior Plan

    Classroom rules will be developed by each teacher and taught to students.  When repeated incidents occur or a serious incident happens, a citation will be issued to the student.  The behavior report will go first to the child’s classroom teacher.

     1st Behavior Report  Report goes home to be signed by parent.
     2nd Behavior Report The teacher will call the parent and report will go home to be signed.
     3rd Behavior Report
    Student will be sent to the principal.  The principal may:
    • give student community service.
    • place student on “on site” suspension.
    • place student on home suspension.
    Serious incidents will go straight to the principal for a consequence.
    All students will start fresh at the beginning of each trimester.


    School Rules:


    Be Safe
    • Play Safe
    • Play in supervised areas only
    • Walk in Hallways
    • Use equipment appropriately  

    Be Responsible

    • Use restrooms appropriately
    • Be responsible with your garbage
    • Get drinks before the bell/whistle

    Be Respectful

    • Use appropriate language and voices
    • Treat everyone with kindness and respect
    • Manage your behavior

    School Anti-Bullying Rules

    1. We will not bully others.
    2. We will help students who are bullied.
    3. We will include students who are left out.
    4. If we know that someone is being bullied, we will tell an adult at school and an adult at home.

    Vehicle Field Trip Policy

    New “Volunteer/Employee Vehicle Usage Forms” must be filled out at the beginning of each school year.  Drivers also must have fingerprint clearance on file.   Forms may be picked up at the office.

    Communication with the School

    Communication with the teacher is very important for your child to stay successful in school.  The school has developed several ways for you to keep in touch with what is happening here at Deterding.

    • Agenda Books go home with each 4-6 grade student.
    • Weekly Principal's newsletter goes home Monday of each week.
    • Teacher e-mail.
    • Principal’s e-mail
    • Weekly Bridge Flash sent electronically on Tuesday's
    • Connect-ed phone call messages
    • Parent Conferences are in November and March but teachers are available to talk to you throughout the school year.
    • San Juan Unified School District’s website has lots of information about programs.
    • SJUSD Parent Handbook

    Important Dates


    See our school web page and calendar for more important dates.

District Policy on Use of Students in Photos and Video

  • Photos and video footage of students add significantly to the communication value of district and school publications, television productions, and websites. It is the district's desire to share the achievements and recognition earned by students with the broader community. This effort can be aided by the use of photos or video footage showing students involved in the classroom and school-related activities.

    Photos & Video

    Unless notified in writing of an objection by a parent, legal guardian, or student of age 18, photographs and video footage of students and/or names may be posted in district-produced materials including printed publications, television productions, and websites.

    If parents do not wish photographs or videos of their student to be used in these materials, they should complete a Photo/Video Opt-Out form available at school offices or via the link below. Please be aware that opt-out requests are valid for the current school year and must be renewed at the start of the next school year.


    Photo-Opt Out 2021-2022 Farsi
    If an opt-out form is filed, district and school staff members will ALSO request news media not interview your student or film/photograph your student. While local news media typically honor such requests, the district does not have legal authority to prevent your student from talking with media or restricting who media outlets film or photograph. You are encouraged to have a discussion with your student about your wishes should members of the news media request to interview them. 
    If photos or videos of students or staff are going to be created, maintained or displayed by a third party where the District or school will not have direct control of the materials, then a written release form is required. Contact the Community Relations Office at (916) 979-8281 to discuss options. 

    Photos & Video - Special Education Students and Homeless Students

    School and District staff will always seek parent/guardian permission before using a photo that identifies a student receiving special education or homeless services. Permission forms for these situations can also be obtained from school offices or via the link below.

    Please contact your school office or the Community Relations Office at (916) 979-8281 if you have any questions about this policy.

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