•              A picture of Dewey Library. The library is ocean themed, with the whole room decorated with sea life. 
    Another picture of Dewey library, showing our bibliography section.   Another picture of Dewey Library, showing our picture book section with the walls painted like the ocean.
    Welcome to Dewey Library!


    Dewey's vision statement includes emphasizing responsible citizenship, with a respect for self, others, and property. The library tries to help create responsible library patrons and promote a lifelong love of reading.

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    Dewey Students Love Books.....


    Grades 2-6 are using the Accelerated Reader Program. Accelerated Reader helps motivate students to monitor their reading comprehension and vocabulary. Students are tested to determine their reading level and they are encouraged to read books in their recommended range. After they complete a book, they take a quiz on the computer. This gives students and teachers immediate information on how successful the students were and monitors student’s growth. We have access to book quizzes and have every library book leveled. The books are marked on the outside spine with the AR quiz and a label glued inside each book with the quiz number, interest level, book level and a number of points the students will receive when they pass the quiz.

    Accelerated Reader Quizzes can only be taken while at school. However, you can request a PARENT sign-on that will help you monitor your child's success.

    If you are having trouble using AR from home you need to check the versions of software you have installed on your computer. After clicking on the AR link above, you will notice a small blue link on the bottom left of the page that says "Check Software Requirements". Please upgrade the necessary add-ins to use the product.

    If you want to check to see if quizzes are available for the book you would like to read you can go to the online book finder.

Last Modified on December 1, 2021