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    Camp Pictures
     This collection of photographs came from around Camp Winthers both far and near. Contained here are many of the camper's destinations during their week long stay at camp.

    Devil's Peak:
    Devil's Peak  

    View from Devil's Peak:
    Top of Devil's Peak               More Devil's Peak

    Dining Hall
    Dining Hall 1        Dining Hall 2

    The Flats: 

    Sunset           Camping          Telescope

    View from Telescope Peak
    Telescope 1          Telescope 2

    Waterfall 1         Waterfall 2

    Waterfront 1         waterfront 2       Black and white lake        Waterfront picture           Canoes on Lake       Drought

    Odds and Ends
    Winter at Winthers                              Campers left AC on Tent Black bear by Telescope Peak                                  Wood for Campfire!
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