Physical Education Department

  • PE Course Description:

     ·    The primary goals of our physical education program is for students to develop the skills (Do), knowledge (Know), and confidence (Do/ Know) necessary to enjoy a lifetime of healthful physical activity; plus prevent obesity, which can lead to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and/or stroke.

    ·    Through a core curriculum, based on California “Physical Education Content Standards” and “Common Core Standards”, students will become “Physically Literate” through engagement, exploration, and discussion of the following learning targets: purpose, focus on real learning, transfer of learning, real life application, and critical thinking.  Students will also participate in a variety of assessed activities which are specifically designed to measure evidence of student learning from both a formative and summative method whereby student performance data will be used to differentiate instruction, and thereby, personalize learning.
    ·    Ultimately, students will be evaluated in the “FitnessGram” assessment – a complete battery of health-related fitness items.  And finally, students will demonstrate competency by applying their mastery of skills and knowledge to the creation of their own personalized health plans.
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