• The SJUSD Middle School Athletic handbook is for athletes, coaches and parents.
    Middle School Athletics Handbook 

    The San Juan Unified School District (SJUSD) recognizes the importance of athletics as
    an integral component of a student’s complete educational development. As such, we
    believe that all students should have an opportunity to participate in some form of
    interscholastic athletics and that such participation should encourage positive scholastic
    and social growth and achievement. All participants and teams will represent the school
    and community in a positive manner and will reflect the dedication and hard work that
    will be required to compete and be successful. Success will not be measured by records
    that are achieved by teams or individuals, but rather by the knowledge that each
    participant gave his/her best effort and prepared for each contest to the best of his/her
    ability. The San Juan Unified School District realizes that an effective interscholastic
    athletic program is the product of responsible cooperation between its four major
    components: the student-athlete, the coaching staff, the parents, and the site/district

    In an effort to support these beliefs, the San Juan Unified School District has partnered
    with the Positive Coaching Alliance in order to create a Development Zone within middle
    school athletics that will build BETTER ATHLETES AND BETTER PEOPLE.

Last Modified on February 3, 2020