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    5th Annual Mira Loma High School Science Olympiad Invitational Saturday Jan 6th, 2018 

    What: Fifth Annual Mira Loma Science Olympiad Invitational

    Where: Mira Loma High School, 4000 Edison Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95821      Campus Map: Mira Loma Map

    When: Saturday January 6, 2018


             Registration opens         7:00 a.m.

             Events start                   8:15 a.m. (no opening ceremonies)

             Awards Ceremony         4:15 p.m. 

    Who: Any B or C division team in the nation.  We try to allow for a good mix of teams with regard to experience level. 

    Why: Invitationals are a great way to enrich the overall Science Olympiad experience, hone skills, test devices, and in general improve your team prior to the “official” competitions.  Additionally, students can meet like-minded students from distance places, which can create long lasting friendships.  In other parts of the country, some teams compete in as many as a dozen tournaments each year. 

    Events: We will be running all events from the 2018 national tournament (weather and event supervisor availability permitting).  In the past we have also run trail events and will always be looking for school's to step up and run a trail event (a list of possible events is on the national site under "events").  

    Level of Events: Some events have different requirements based off of the level of competition (regional, state, national); this invitational will be run at the state level.  Additionally, we ask all event proctors to realize the varying levels of students in the competition and write their exam with a range of questions (You do not want several teams scoring 100% on your exam nor the high score to be 15%). 

    Registration:  Registration will open September 11 at 3:30 pm (pacific time).  While we plan on having 28 teams in each division, in order for more schools to participate, early registration will be limited to ONE team per school.  On October 2, we will open remaining spots up to second teams from previously accepted schools; second teams will be accepted based on the order of their original registration.  If you are interested in bringing two teams, please sign up for two teams on they initial registration form.  NOTE: Since this is an invitational, selected teams have been invited from various schools prior to October 2 and potentially in excess of the limit we have imposed.  If, for travel purposes, you need to know the number of competitors competing prior to October 2, contact the tournament director at scmartinez@sanjuan.edu (we are sympathetic to traveling with Olympiad teams over great distances).

    Regional Registration: Prior to the invitational all teams must be registered with their local regional director.  We will verify registrations early in November so you do not need to have the teams registered at the initial sign up for our invitational.  

    Requested Donation: We are asking for a donation of $150.00 PER TEAM (not per school. i.e. if your school is bringing two teams, your registration would be $300) to help us run Science Olympiad.  No payment is required (or desired) until the team's acceptance is verified (i.e. the team name appears below).  Your receipts will be in the welcome package you will receive upon check-in.  If you absolutely need your receipt earlier, please let us know and we will work something out. 

    Registration Deadline: December 1, 2016 2017 or when full (last year it took only a few weeks for both divisions to fill so don't delay). UPDATE: Due to the overwhelling responce, registration will close on Oct 2, we will be full at that time.

    Event Proctors: Each team is expected to run an event if we fill the invitational; if we do not have enough teams, some teams will have to run a second event.  Once again, each TEAM (not each SCHOOL) will have to run an event so if you are bringing two teams you are expected to run two events.  Teams are expected to supply all equipment, personnel, and copies (of exams and all necessary paper materials) for their event(s).  When registering the team, please put what events you can run and we will assign teams to the various events.  The order of registration will be taken into account, but we believe having qualified people running each and every event is more important than team preferences.  An electronic copy of both the exam and answer key for each event needs to be turned in by check-in so they can be disseminated to each participating school in that division (specific details to follow on how this will be done). 

    Test Returned:  All tests taken the day of the competition will be returned to the coaches after the awards ceremony.  All blank tests and answer keys will be available to coaches as well. Blank tests and answer keys will not be made available to schools until we receive the blank test and answer key for the event(s) they are running (this has been a problem in years past leading to not all events being available to all teams).  Please remember, receiving copies of the tests and answer keys used the day of the invitational is a privilege for teams attending the tournament. Participating teams who withhold exam materials or show indiscretion with exam distribution may be excluded from future competitions.

    Awards: Medals will be awarded for the top 5 finishers in each event for official events; for trial events (if any), only the top 3 places will get medals. 
    Trophies will be awarded for the top 5 schools (if two teams from the same school are in the top five, only the higher ranked team will take home a trophy and other lower ranked schools will move up one slot).

    Sign up events:  Specific time sign ups for the engineering/sign up events will be done on-line (specific details TBA).     

    Schedule of events:  The schedule of events will be as close to the Northern California State Tournament as we can get (as of Nov 1).   

    Photographs: Photographing/video recording of your own team and/or their device(s) is allowed, but photographing/video recording of other teams, their team members and/or their device(s) is specifically NOT ALLOWED (this is standard for Science Olympiad).

    Homerooms: Unfortunately, teams will not be provided homerooms.  Please plan on camping out somewhere on campus.  In case of rain, there are many covered walkways available.  When you set up your “campsite” please keep a portion of the walkway clear for people to get by.

    Questions: Contact the Tournament Director, Scott Martinez, at scmartinez@sanjuan.edu

    Informational Flier

    Registered teams (we will fill this out once the invitational is full/close to full): 
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