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    Campus Ingress and Egress

    San Juan High School


    To ensure a safe school community, San Juan High School implements practices and procedures for students, staff, parents, guests and community members coming to or leaving the campus.


    1. When entering or leaving a school campus, drivers of vehicles shall follow all applicable traffic laws, the directions of school staff and law enforcement officials.
    2. Occasionally the school may partner with the district’s Safe Schools office and/or local law enforcement to provide traffic monitoring and enforcement of traffic laws if deemed necessary.
    3. Students who ride bicycles to school are encouraged to wear appropriate safety helmets and must do so if required by law.
    4. Students who walk to or from school should do so in groups or pairs whenever possible. Students who are approached by strangers or observe any concerning behavior must report it to an adult on campus immediately.
    5. During a lockdown or shelter-in-place, no one is allowed to enter or leave the campus. The school or district will send a notification to families when the situation has been resolved and provide instructions on student pick-up.
    6. Staff shall prominently display their district issued ID at all times while on campus.
    7. All visitors shall proceed directly to the school office and register. They will be given a visitors pass that shall be worn at all times. Upon completion of their visit, the visitor shall return to the school office to check-out and surrender their pass. This practice helps ensure staff know who is on campus and that all individuals are accounted for in case of an emergency situation.
    8. All persons having business to conduct on campus must first report to the Main Office and sign in. Unauthorized visitors will be referred to law enforcement. Parents are welcome to visit their student’s classes with prior approval at least 24 hours in advance. Alumni students are not permitted to visit while school is in session.
    9. Any adult on campus who does not display a district issued ID or visitor pass shall be escorted to the school office immediately.
Last Modified on July 24, 2019