• Welcome to Mira Loma High School's website. Mira Loma is a comprehensive high school serving a diverse student body of more than 1800 students. The staff of Mira Loma High School is highly qualified and dedicated to providing our students with a world-class education. We offer a variety of academic programs to meet a wide range of needs. These programs include International Baccalaureate, International Studies, International Passport, Special Education, English Language Development, and AVID. Along with our focus on the academic needs of our students, we also offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities including interscholastic sports, academic competition teams, student performance groups, and more than thirty clubs. Please browse our website for specific information regarding the academic programs and extracurricular activities available at Mira Loma.

    Mira Loma is a unique school. Mira Loma has a diverse student population with many programs designed to meet the needs of individual students.

  • The link below opens a presentation showing our IB and IS art program. Not only will you see some truly spectacular and moving art created by our students, but you will see the field trips they've taken, the art museums they've toured, the community activities they participated in and even some basics of classroom activities. If your student has an interest in art, check out the presentation and make Mira Loma your Home!

    Mira Loma teachers offer projects that engage the students' whole brain. One example is Mr. Bender's Humanseum Project. The students are to research and write a paper on a time in history that illustrates man's inhumanity to man. They then do a 3D representation of this time, using creative materials. The entire campus is invited to go into the classroom during the day and hear each student explain what happened and how they came up with the idea. This is a project that engages students on many levels, and they demonstrate strong knowledge of the topic they have chosen.

    Below are some examples:

    Asian Art Festival 
    Black History Month 
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