Success at El Camino Fundamental High School is dependent upon good attendance! Students are expected to attend all classes each and every day.


    **Students have five school days to clear absences** 

     By law, the only excused absences are:

    • illness (up to 10s days, after that you must bring a note from a doctor).
    • medical/dental - Please try to schedule outside the school day.
    • family funeral
    • court appearances
    • religious observances
    All other absences are unexcused

    Important Numbers and Contact information: 

    • For an early dismissal, please call (916) 971-7457
    • For parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to report an absence by phone: The Attendance Office phone number is (916) 971-7588 and is accessible 24 hours a day

    You may also email the attendance office at: 

    Please give the following information:
    -in a loud, clear voice (or by email)
    • name of person leaving the message
    • student’s first and last name (and the spelling of both)
    • relationship of person to student calling (mother, father, guardian, aunt, grandmother, etc.)
    • date(s) of absence(s)
    • give reason, e.g., ill, medical apt, business apt, etc.


    San Juan District attendance policy can be found here.

Last Modified on July 31, 2017