• PBIS Update:  Positive Behavior Intervention & Support

    School-wide Positive Behavior Support (Pbs) Includes a Range of Systemic and Individualized Strategies for Achieving Social and Learning Outcomes While Preventing or Reducing Problem Behavior for All Students.  School-wide Pbs Includes Universal Prevention of Problem Behavior Through the Active Teaching and Rewarding of Appropriate Social Skills (Panther Positives), Consistent Consequences for Problem Behavior, and On-going Collection and Use of Data for Decision-making.  in Addition, School-wide Pbs Includes an Array of More Intensive Supports for Those Students with More Severe Behavior Support Needs.  the Goals Within School-wide Pbs Are to Prevent the Development of Problem Behavior, to Reduce On-going Patterns of Problem Behavior, and to Improve the Academic Performance of Students Through Development of a Positive, Predictable and Safe School Culture.  

    Our 3 B's: Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible!    





Last Modified on August 4, 2022