• Once a student is accepted and has chosen the next educational institution, testing can begin even before graduation. Colleges and universities--from UC and CSU schools to private and community colleges--use placement tests to determine where each incoming freshman belongs in terms of classes. In addition every system uses multiple measures to recomend and determine placement.
    These tests, which take place anywhere from the final months in high school to the summer months before college, are used to determine the level of math, English and science the student is allowed to take. Doing well on placement tests can allow the student to progress to higher-level courses earlier.   These test results do not impact admission.
    There is a specific program, the Early Assessment Program (EAP), which CSU schools offer to test high schools students on their readiness for college courses. The EAP covers mathematics and English . Students test during their junior year in high school and score either "ready," "conditionally exempt" or "not ready." The exam is online and consists of two parts: a computer adaptive component (multiple choice) and performance tasks. The test is administered from March-July each year. This EAP identification is one area used in placement recommendations. 
Last Modified on October 15, 2019