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    Registrar Office Information


    Paula Spedden (pspedden@sanjuan.edu)

    Phone: (916) 971-5256                  Fax: (916) 971-5370


    The Registrar’s Office is here to help you!  The school Registrar handles the following Issues:

    ·       Student Permanent Records

    ·       Student Cumulative Files

    ·       Transfer of Records between Schools

    ·       Forwarding information related to student school debts and unreturned materials

    ·       Processing Progress and Final Grades for current students

    ·       Distributing and Mailing Grade Reports/Transcripts for current students

    ·       Mailing of transcripts to colleges and universities

    ·       Transcript requests for former students

    ·       Graduation Verifications

    ·       Duplicate Diploma Requests

    ·       Proof of Enrollment Letters

    ·       Social Security Forms

    ·       Former Student Cal Grant GPA Verifications

    ·       Secure Storage of past-years physical records, and proper destruction after storage for the required number of years.      Cumulative files are kept 5 years from the year of graduation.


    Transcript Requests

    Transcripts may be requested by walk in, phone, mail, email, or fax.  There is no charge.  A walk in request can usually be done immediately.  For former students, a photo ID must be presented at pick-up.  If you are not coming in to pick up your transcript, you must put your request in writing with a copy of your photo ID attached.  Please include the name you attended school by (if different than your current name) along with whether the transcript needs to be a signed sealed official copy, or an unofficial copy (just a photocopy), and the mailing address, fax number, or email address where it needs to be sent.  If you are sending someone other than yourself to pick up a transcript, you must state that and include their name in your written request, and they will be asked for their ID at the time of pick up.  Please be prepared to pay any outstanding fines.  Graduation dates are posted on the transcript and should be all that is necessary for proof of graduation.  In some instances, if a duplicate diploma is necessary, it can be ordered for a fee of $40.00.  We do not keep copies of diplomas, only transcripts. 


    Senior Final Transcript Request

    The college you choose to attend will want a Final Transcript mailed to them.  You will need to fill out a request to have one sent.  The high school does not automatically send your transcripts out after school is over, they must be requested.  Final transcripts are normally mailed in mid-June.


    Electronic Digital Transcripts Submission Requests

    The San Juan Unified School District is piloting a program offered through Parchment to offer digital transcript submission free of charge.  At this time, Senior students are able to request transcripts electronically.

    Link To District Webpage With More Information



    2019/2020  MVHS Grading Schedule

    08/15/19         First Day of School

    09/13/19          End of Quarter                        Term 1 Progress (TP1)

    09/20/19         Distribute Report Card 2nd period/Mail D,F,I Notices/Grades Viewable

    10/11/19          End of Term                            Term 1 (T1)      Final Exams 10/10 & 10/11

    10/18/19          Report Cards Mailed/Grades Viewable

    11/22/19          End of Quarter                        Term 2 Progress (TP2)

    12/06/19          Distribute Report Card 2nd period/Mail D,F,I Notices/Grades Viewable

    01/06/20          End of Term                            Term 2 (T2)      Final Exams 12/19 & 12/20

    01/13/20          Report Cards and Transcripts mailed/Grades Viewable

    02/07/20          End of Quarter                       Term 3 Progress (TP3)

    02/14/20          Distribute Report Card 2nd period/Mail D,F,I Notices/Grades Viewable

    04/19/20          End of Term                             Term 3

    04/24/20          Grades Viewable

    05/04/20          End of Quarter                      Term 4 Progress (TP4)  Credit/No Credit Grades Only

    05/11/20          Grades Viewable

    06/09/20          Last Day of School (Students)

    06/10/20          End of Term (Teacher Work Day)    Term 4 (T4)      


    MVHS School Code:  050587

Last Modified on May 16, 2020