Will Rogers Counseling

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  • Karen Preston (Nurse/Counselor)
    I am a full-time Nurse and Counselor. As a nurse, I assist with medical emergencies, IEP health assessments, and students with special health needs. As a counselor, I work primarily with our 6th & 7th grade students.
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  • Victoria Allenbaugh (Counselor)
    I work 70% a week Monday through Friday starting at 9:00 a.m. I work with our 8th grade students, our English Language Learners, and our Refugee students.  
  • As credentialed school counselors, we assist students with academic, attendance, personal issues; as well as, with college and career exploration. We are available for drop in meetings with students, and scheduled Parent & Teacher Conferences. Throughout the year, we go into the classrooms to present guidance curriculum specific to each grade level.

    In 6th grade, we promote a positive transition into middle school by teaching organizational skills, how to use the Student Portal in Q Connection, and an introduction to Naviance.

    In 7th grade, we teach academic and personal SMART goal setting. We also begin college and career exploration using Naviance’s interest surveys, and college and career search features.

    We prepare our 8th grade students for the transition to high school with information about high school graduation requirements, programs available at our district high schools, and registration for high school classes. We also continue to create and review SMART goals, each quarter.

    Throughout the year, we meet individually with students to address failing grades, attendance issues, and peer conflicts. We proactively intervene with students with behavior concerns to prevent the need for discipline. We support and teach coping strategies to students with emotional issues that may impact their ability to focus on academics. We also work with students in small counseling groups to address issues such as anger management, grief counseling, peer relationships, and social skills. Students who may need ongoing individual therapy will be referred to private counseling services.

    We arrange Parent & Teacher Conferences, Student Study Team Meetings, 504 Plan Meetings, and can assist in obtaining information regarding Special Education. We can provide information on resources within the San Juan School District and throughout the community. We can be contacted by email or through the Will Rogers main office phone number (916) 971-7889. 

Last Modified on January 21, 2020