Mira Loma School Colors are Columbia Blue, Scarlet and White 
        School COlors
    Columbia Blue - Color Hex Color Code = #99CCFF - RGB value = (153,204,255)
    Scarlet - Color Hex Color Code = #CC0000 - RGB value = (204,0,0) 
    White - Color Hex Color Codes = #FFFFFF - RGB value = (255,255,255)

  • See below for approved Logos for 2016-2017 School year.



    Mira Loma School Logo:

       MLHS Logo 2017


    Mira Loma Academic Program Logos:


    International Baccalaureate Program Logos:

    MLHS IB Logo             

    International Baccalaureate Organization Digital Toolkit: 

         IB Middle years        IB Diploma   

    International Passport Program Logo:

       MLHS Passport Program  

    International Studies Program Logo: 

      MLHS IS Program   

    Special Education Program Logo: 


      MLHS Special Ed


    English Language Learner Program Logo: 

       MLHS English Language Learnera



    Athletics Logo (click logo for file)  

          MLHS Athletics Logo

    Athletics Logo Matador with Cape Logo (click logo for file) 

       Matador Logo with Cape              No background Matador
     No type Matador Vector I                           No type Matador Vector II   
  • Mira Loma Parent Organization Logos


    Mira Loma Booster Club Logo 

       MLHS Booster

    Mira Loma IBPO Logo 

       IBPO Logo

    Mira Loma ISSPO Logo 

         ISSPO Logo
Last Modified on January 16, 2017