PTC Membership Drive

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    2022-2023 MEMBERSHIP DRIVE
    Please join the PTC! The PTC needs YOU!




    Yes! I want to be a member of the Will Rogers PTC.
    Attached to this form is my $5 payment, per parent/guardian.
    You may turn in your membership to the office.


    Member Name:  __________________________________________________________________________

    Address:  _______________________________________________________________________________

    Phone: ______________________________________Email: _____________________________________

    Preferred method of contact: (please circle one) text email phone call no preference 



    Student’s Name 

    Student’s Grade for the current year




    2022-2023 PTC BOARD MEMBERS

    President (Open)
    Vice-President (Open)
    Secretary (Open)
    Treasurer Naomi Harper (Teacher)



    PTC Vision: To enjoy a great middle school experience by supporting student activities, community building events, student-focused projects, and teacher appreciation. 


    PTC Mission: To raise funds to support students, families, and teachers through planned fundraisers, give back events, student-focused projects, and teacher appreciation. 


    PTC Goals: Clear communication and collaboration between parents, staff, and community partners, while increasing student and teacher morale, which leads to a positive learning environment for everyone.


    PTC’s Priorities: Teacher appreciation, student recognition, and supplementing our annual holiday Food Drive


    PTC Values: Group collaboration, positive communication, respecting one another, where everyone's contribution is recognized and appreciated.



Last Modified on August 5, 2022