This is Meraki. We have a bias toward action and openness. We celebrate failure and care for each other.  We give respect to get respect and give trust to build trust.
    Students who join the Meraki family are asked to:
    1. Rise Up to the Challenge
      1. Critical Thinking
      2. Leadership
      3. Self-awareness
      4. Managing emotions
      5. Perseverance through obstacles
    2. Rise Up for the Community
      1. Teamwork
      2. Social awareness
      3. Positive Attitude
      4. Maintaining healthy relationships
      5. Serving others in the Meraki community
      6. Serving others in the greater community
    3. Rise Up to your Responsibility 
      1. Communication
      2. Work Ethic
      3. Self-management
      4. Organization
      5. Accountability
      6. Goal-focused


    Our mission is to ignite our students creative genius by ensuring a challenging, relevant, and joyful education that empowers every student to find their unique purpose and identity.


    Meraki utilizes a project based education that provides a rigorous and relevant academic and real world skills in order to prepare students for a rewarding future in our increasingly multicultural society and global economy.

Last Modified on April 27, 2020