This page contains individual web pages with important information about the school site.  Using the guides listed below, select the appropriate link for the information you are seeking.

    2019-2020 Important Information


    Other Important School Information

    Bell Schedule

    Regular Schedule ; Thursday (Staff Training) Schedule ; Minimum Day Schedule ; Final Exam Schedules ; Rally Day Schedules ; Day on the Green Schedule ; Last Day of School Schedule



    The school bulletin with day to day information, usually posted at mid-morning for that day’s bulletin.


    Contact Numbers

    The school phone numbers for all of the main office areas, and the library/textbook room.


    Teacher Help Hours (by Department)

    A list with the before school, lunch time, and after school hours that each teacher, listed by department, is available to provide extra individualized help for students. For some teachers, this includes hours by appointment.


    Important Dates Calendar for 2018-2019

    A listing of important dates, for the school year from August to June, of events, breaks, rallies, assemblies, testing, and other things that are noteworthy during the school year.


    Master Schedule

    A listing of all of the teachers, their classes, and their preparation period for the Fall Block and the Spring Block. The schedule also contains the teachers classroom and the internal phone system extension.


    News Archive

    A District provided and updated page for locating archived news from prior school years. The listing are by school, the year, and the month.


    School Boundaries

    The attendance boundary areas for each SJUSD school, background information on how school boundaries are established, open enrollment and transfer request information, and 40% rule for non-boundary schools.


    School Crest, Alma Mater, & School Fight Song

    Information on these three school features.


    School Map

    A school map showing building locations and room number. The on-campus evacuation map, showing evacuation routes and assembly location, is restricted.  Instructions to request viewing this map are on the School Map web page.


    Student Concern Form Information

    The form used by students and staff to bring to the attention of the school Student Supports Program those students that friends, classmates, and staff are concerned about. This includes personality changes, behavior changes, unexplained academic declines, apparent depression, unmanaged stress issues, and other related items.

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